Hey! My name is Kali Roberge

And I’m the voice behind Going Beyond Wealth. I live in Boston, Massachusetts with my husband, Eric, and our two cats.

I started this blog for two reasons:

  1. Our lives are busy and we do a lot of amazing things that I’m grateful for — and I wanted a way to capture our experiences so I could look back in 5 years and actually remember all these great moments from this whirlwind period in our lives.
  2. I wanted a creative outlet. I’m a writer, a marketer, and an entrepreneur — which means that most of my creative energy goes to serving other people. I wanted to make sure my own creative self had a place to play, so I made one.

What This Blog Is About (and Who It’s For)

Going Beyond Wealth is technically a personal finance blog — but in a way, it’s more of a lifestyle blog that captures how we do things differently to create the life we really want.

That takes a lot of self-awareness, financial savvy, intentional living, and a willingness to be open; to challenge the status quo and question the way things have always been done.

Only thing can you create the path you really want to walk, even if no one else has paved the way yet. I want to give you the insights you need to think about how you can be your own trailblazer.

It’s about leveraging your financial resources and applying mindfulness in a way that allows you to make intentional, deliberate choices that are right for you.

If you like reading about money, travel, business and entrepreneurship, and life in the [best] city, you’re in the right place.

Welcome. I’m excited you’re here.

What Do You Mean, “Going Beyond Wealth?”

I’m financial writer and I work with financial advisors in the financial industry. Eric is a financial advisor with his own firm.

Clearly, we’re financial people. As a friend once said, “you live in a world of numbers.” (Which is funny in a way, because I am absolutely terrible with math but fantastic with finances.) We love talking about all things money. And we have big financial goals we’re working hard to achieve.

There’s not much about us that fits into a nice, neat, tidy box, though. We’re not complicated, but we are complex. There’s a lot of nuance to our lives, our thoughts, our conversations, and our actions and experiences. As much as money is a focus of our lives in various ways… it’s just one part of who we are.

Eric works with professionals in their 30s. He helps his clients use money as a tool so they can live well today while planning responsibly for tomorrow. That’s not just a tagline. It’s how we live our lives, too.

In a larger and much more meaningful sense, this blog is about our journey to not only build wealth but to go beyond having a bank account with lots of commas and zeros.

While we’re frugally-minded, we don’t hoard our money. While we want financial independence, early retirement doesn’t appeal to us at all. While we rank saving and investing as the most important financial activity we can do, we love living in the heart of Boston (which, if you haven’t heard, is one hell of an expensive place).

Money is everywhere in our lives but it is not what defines us. We’re going beyond wealth to be rich in our net worth and bank accounts — and rich in our

  • happiness
  • relationships
  • love
  • growth and personal development
  • experiences
  • knowledge and understanding
  • creativity
  • professional success
  • health and wellbeing

Check out the very first post that appeared on Going Beyond Wealth to take a deeper dive into the meaning behind this blog.

Looking to Learn More?

In addition to this blog, I run an inbound marketing firm called Creative Advisor Marketing. I also do a fair bit of freelance writing on a number of topics, including — what else? — personal finance, investing, business, entrepreneurship and careers, and life in general.

If you’re curious to learn more about Eric, who is a CFP who runs his own financial planning firm — and loves to talk money as much as I do — check out Beyond Your Hammock.

If you need to get in touch, feel free to email me at Kali@GoingBeyondWealth.com