3 Sports Car Performance Upgrades You Should Consider

Sports Car

Have you been contemplating about doing some upgrades on your sports car to make it perform better and run faster whenever you take it out for a spin? You’re not alone in such a wish.

For many decades now, people have been continuously satisfying their need to go fast on four-wheeled machines – at many times reaching insane speeds. The current Guinness World Record holder for the car with the fastest land speed record is the Thrust SSC, driven by British Andy Green, an RAF wing commander. Green set the record in October 1997 when he clocked 763.035 mph aboard his car in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

By comparison, the fastest production car to date is the 2019 Bugatti Chiron, which clocked an astonishing 304.77 mph in August of this year. These machines, of course, have special parts meant to push their performances beyond the normal operating range of typical vehicles.

In the same manner, sports car owners could try out some performance upgrades, such as cat-back Ford mustang exhaust in Australia that’s built to specifications. Other than that, there are performance parts that speed junkies could score to beef up their vehicle’s on-road muscle.

Here are three performance upgrades that you should consider getting for your prized sports car:

Sports Car

Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake has a large diameter that lets in more cold air at a faster rate to help keep the engine cool for optimum performance. This performance part also contributes to better fuel efficiency and a quieter engine. A cold air intake upgrade follows the classic mantra that every car enthusiast knows too well: better airflow/cooler air = more horsepower and torque/better throttle response = faster runs.

There are many cold air intake products that you can buy online or from most car supply shops, so getting one should be easy for you. Go for a cold air intake with a dedicated heat shield since such a model generally performs better than traditional cold air intakes without one.

Performance Exhaust

As mentioned, a performance exhaust is one of the first upgrades that you should consider getting if you want to add some more oomph to your already fast four-wheeled machine. An aftermarket performance exhaust works hand in hand with the cold air intake to ensure that your engine stays within the best-possible operating temperature and optimum running condition. Sports car owners could order one from a shop that specializes in a custom-built full performance exhaust system that can be perfectly tuned to your particular engine setup.


Do you have a lot of extra cash to burn for your planned upgrade? If yes, then go for a turbocharger. This pricey yet nifty upgrade works its magic by compressing the air that enters the engine chamber. This results in the improved air intake that allows more fuel to enhance engine performance. More flow, more go, as they love to say.

A turbocharger essentially provides more power to the engine without significantly increasing its overall weight. This better power-to-weight ratio is highly sought after by speed junkies and those who drive performance vehicles for a living, such as race car drivers.

There are many other performance upgrades that you can have for your sports car, such as ECU tuning, aftermarket suspension, and race tires and wheels. The possibilities are only limited by your budget and how much faster you want your ride to go.

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