3 Things You Can Do with a Finished Basement

basement entrance

It is common among many films to depict a basement as a dark, dirty, cobweb-ridden space where all that is unwanted and the supernatural lurk; a symbol of what is best left forgotten and stored away.

This has some root in reality, as people usually treat the basement as their storage room, filling it with items that have little purpose or value in everyday life. Hence, a basement is typically unkempt and rarely visited, not too far removed from how it is portrayed in the movies.

But it does not have to be this way. Basement finishing — or converting a basement into a living space — is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Today, homeowners across Salt Lake City see basement finishing as a way to maximize space while making each part of the house feel like home.

Here are just some of the things you could transform your basement into, courtesy of basement finishing:

Home Office

Working from home can be a double-edged sword; working in the house can make it easy to slip into the trap of lying down on the couch or bed, and forgetting about the deadlines as the hours fly by. Working in coffee shops, on the other hand, constitute additional expenses that are not exactly necessary.

Having a home office in the basement provides the best of both worlds. It isolates you from all the distractions of the living room and bedroom and allows you to maintain focus and get the job done.

If you have school-age children, a home office can also double as a study room that likewise allows you to keep an eye on them as they do their homework.

Home Theater

Theater room

Create the perfect environment for a Netflix or movie marathon. A lack of windows and isolation from the rest of the house come together to make you feel like you have front-row seats in the cinema.

With a large-screen television, comfortable couches, and some popcorn, you will not even notice the hours go by as you are on your sixth hour of your binge-watching. A home theater is also a nice way to impress and entertain guests.

Even if they are not interested in watching a movie, the comfort, peace, and quiet your home theater provides create a great setting for catching up and conversations that last hours.

Home Studio

If you or your family members are into art, music, dance, or sports, a finished basement provides the perfect space for them to hone their skills and talents. For artists, you can turn the space into an art studio, complete with easels, canvas, and paints to allow them to create their next masterpiece.

A finished basement may also store musical instruments and double as a practice space, given its isolation from the rest of the house so as not to disturb anyone else, perfect for the musicians.

Lastly, athletes and dancers can use the space as a home fitness center, furnishing it with treadmills, weights, and other exercise machines, as well as space for jogging, stretching, or dancing. These features give no one the excuse not to exercise again.

Whether you are a serious artist, musician, or athlete, or just someone looking for an avenue to practice or hone your skills, a home studio gives you the space you need to fulfill your highest potential.

The beauty of a finished basement is that it can be transformed into anything you want it to be. Make the place your own and have your basement finished to have your house truly feel like home.

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