4 Creative Ways to Maximise Your Small Outdoor Space

Couple holding hands in the backyard

Your outdoor space plays a major role in creating the first impression as it is what visitors see first. Therefore, it is crucial to optimise it for functionality and aesthetic appeal. If you do not pay attention to the elements you incorporate into your space, it might end up looking cluttered and emphasising the space limitation. However, creative use and detailed planning will give an illusion of a larger space. Below are some of the ways you can employ to maximise your limited outdoor area:

1. Create a Vertical Garden

Having greenery in your outdoor space makes it appear naturally lush and alive. While this may be hard to accomplish, using vertical elements makes the eyes travel upwards, which gives the illusion of a larger space. Add hanging vines to the area to aid in this. Have plenty of potted plants to create a sense of abundance. Combine flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Where the space is still limited and potted plants can’t do, add some herbs instead to provide the same green effect for a vibrant outdoor space. When picking planters for your choice of plant, opt for ceramics, wood, and terracotta materials to mix things up.

2. Play with the Seating Options

Terrace with table and chairsEnjoying the outdoors makes for great days and nights. If your space is not huge enough for large terraces and patios, you can still transform it into a desirable sitting area. Opt for small, stylish chairs to take up minimal space. For comfort, they should have enough arm and back support. For extra cosiness, throw in additional cushions.

For designated gathering areas, incorporate built-in benches. In most cases, you have the option of a wooden or concrete bench. Decorate it with comfy pillows. Having portable or folding chairs will also help reconfigure your space depending on needs. You can also add some garden stools to act as accent tables.

3. Conserve Resources While at It

Even with small spaces, you can still play your role in conservation and save money while at it. If you are in a position to harvest water, using slimline tanks allows you to incorporate them into your limited space and the general landscaping style as they are quite versatile. Lighting plays a significant role in shaping your space. A partially covered patio keeps the area cool while allowing in enough natural lighting. Growing potted vegetables will give you access to fresh food.

4. Accessorise

When used creatively, accessories draw attention to design elements as opposed to the size of your space. They also play a significant role in sprucing up a small area. Have an all-weather mirror and patterned textiles to bring indoor comfort and style to the outside. You can also try plush floor pillows and knitted blankets to add a soft touch and feel-good vibe to the space. Rugs, on the other hand, will add texture and colour. To add shade and give your space a touch of privacy, install outdoor drapes.

Even with limited space, you can make your outdoor space comfortable and functional. Try not to fill up the space with unnecessary elements. Stick to what you need only.

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