5 Reasons to Choose Blinds or Shades Over Curtains

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People are looking for convenient ways to maintain their homes and make sure that their homes look great no matter the season. If you’re currently remodeling or restyling your home, you might want to take a good close look at your windows. Changing your window treatment can change the appearance of the whole room.

You can contact window cleaners in Lehi or in wherever city you reside and ask them about not only their cleaning services but their window treatment products, too. You can choose between curtains and blinds or shades. But if you want a more convenient way of maintaining the cleanliness and aesthetic beauty of your house, go for blinds and shades.

Ease of Cleaning

Is there an easier way to make sure that your windows are clean than installing shades or blinds? Curtains need to be replaced regularly because they gather dust and sometimes even mites. They are heavy, too, making them expensive and difficult to wash. The constant need to replace curtains is the reason many homeowners have done away with them and installed shades or blinds instead.

Shades and blinds are made of a type of light plastic material that can withstand moisture and water. This means that you can wash and dry them at the same time. You can even opt to just wipe the dirt and grime from the blinds.


Blinds and shades are one-time investments. You have to pay for them only once and then maintain them to keep them in good shape. You need to buy at least two sets of curtains for your house. Curtains are more expensive, especially the heavier ones that can keep heat or cold inside your homes.

Even washing the curtains is more expensive than blinds or shades. You would need to use a lot of water and soap and electricity in washing and drying curtains. Shades or blinds need only to be wiped; there’s no need for washing and drying.


Blinds and shades allow you to control the amount of light that comes in the room. Roller or combi blinds, for example, can be adjusted to allow a tiny amount of light to come in. Curtains would have to be pulled back as a whole to open up the room to more light. However, this also affects the temperature inside the room. Shades and blinds are great at keeping the temperature contained inside the room. This means that keeping electricity costs down, whether you need to turn on the heater or the air-conditioning unit.


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Blinds and shades come in different materials: wood, faux wood, bamboo, aluminum, and plastic. Depending on the style of your home, you can choose from a variety of available materials that will enhance the overall look of your home. Since blinds and shades are customizable, you may even ask the contractor the possibility of creating a customized design, shade, and even material that will fit your home.

Whatever kind of style you’re aiming for, blinds or shades are the preferred treatment for your windows. It’s convenient, affordable, and customizable. They also look as good or even better than curtains.

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