5 Things You Can Use as Bail Bond Collateral (Other Than Your House or Car)

Bail Bond Concept

If your loved one has been incarcerated in North Carolina, you can hire a Wake County bail bondsman to get them out of pretrial detention. With a bail bond, you only pay a fraction of the bail amount and your arrested loved one can enjoy freedom while the case is being heard. This option is convenient and less costly, helping to ease the stress your family is already experiencing.

Although the bail bond agency will pay the court in full in case your loved one fails to show up in court, you can’t use its service without presenting collateral. Securing the bail bond helps ensure that your loved one appears when expected. All collateral will be returned to you regardless of the outcome of the case once it is resolved.

But what exactly can you use as collateral? It can be an asset of value, but it is not limited to a piece of real estate and a vehicle. Below are the other things you can use to convince a bail bondsman to sign an agreement with you.

Jewelry Pieces

Your jewelry box can be a treasure chest. But no bail bond agent will accept any ring, necklace, or watch at face value. You need to have your jewelry pieces to get professionally appraised to determine their current market value.

The price of precious metals and precious stones change, and the value of jewelry goes beyond those elements that make it up. Only then a bail bondsman may feel confident taking your exquisite items as collateral.

Precious Metals

These metals are called as such because they have an impressive set of mechanical properties, and they are in short supply. Gold and silver are prime examples of precious metals, but platinum and palladium, among others, likewise are in the same class.

If you have items made from any precious metal, you may use them as bail bond collateral. If you lack tangible assets and rather trade in the futures market, you may be allowed to use these investments.


laptop and other gadgets

Laptops, tablets, smartphones, televisions, and sound systems are some of the expensive electronics that make viable collateral. If a bail bond agent refuses to accept them, though, you may pawn them to get cash in return. The proceeds from pawn loans can meet a bail bondsman’s requirements.


If you have any collection, like comic books or baseball cards, you may find a market to turn it to a ton of money. The condition, age, appeal, and rarity are some of the criteria through which they are priced. The Internet is a fast way to sell these valuables, but you may be able to rake in more cash from auction houses, pawn shops, and local stores that sell them.

Promissory Notes

These documents mean nothing to bail bondsmen, but some of them forward the promissory notes they receive to collection agencies to fast-track the retrieval of the money owed to them.

Bail bond agencies are different, and it pays to consult as many as you can to find the one the offers the most considerate collateral policy. But do not overdo it to free your loved one ASAP.

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