5 Tips to Maintain Your Windows Beauty

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Glass windows are getting popular today. Modern houses do not only have a single glass window, but most of them have two or more. While this kind of window is pleasant to the eyes and can boost the beauty of the property, maintaining it can also bring headaches to the owner.

Water and glass-cleaning solution is not enough so you can keep the look of your glass windows. Here are some of the best tips that you need to know when you are expected to clean a glass window.

Reseal annually

Maximize the beauty and benefits of your glass windows by resealing it once in a year. If windows can be maintained well, it can maintain its stunning look all-year-round. Efficiency is another factor that you should consider with resealing.

When your window’s seals shrink and warp, it cannot hold the heat in the winter and invite it inside your house in the summer. You need to check your window seals annually and make sure that they are still pliable and tight. In Phoenix, avail of home window tinting to keep your windows cleaner.

Use a commercial cleaning solution

If you want to do a quick cleaning and shine-ups for your windows, a regular window cleaner will do. However, for those homes that have many glass windows, you will need a commercial window cleaning solution that can remove unwanted materials due to dust, weather, animals and more.

You can use soap and water to eliminate the grime and use the solution that you bought so you can achieve a shining and sparkling window.

Skip the hose when washing and drying

Some homeowners may be using a hose to clean their glass windows, but that is one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to this concern. The truth is you are making it worse because the hose water is hard, and there are mineral deposits that can be absorbed by the glass’s porous surface.

If you want to care for your glass windows in the right way, get a bucket, fill it with water, then wash and dry the glass. Also, you should avoid washing your windows under direct sunlight because it is most porous.

Forget the sprinklers

Many homeowners have fallen with the idea that sprinklers can help them with cleaning their glass windows. The case is simply the same as the hose. The splashes released by the sprinkles can bring pressure to the glass and can result in limescale and hard water build-up.

So, next time you check on your sprinkles, make sure that they are pointed away from your glass windows.

Hire professional help

Professional cleaning windows

You need to accept that you are not an expert in cleaning your glass windows. Sometimes, you will need the help of professional window cleaners so you can guarantee that your window is getting the right maintenance that it needs.

You may need to spend some dollars on their service; the money will be worth it because you will have a home that is beautiful and efficient again.

Windows cleaning is an important part of your home maintenance, and as a homeowner, you need to give some time to make sure that your glass windows are properly maintained.

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