6 Ways to Prepare Your Workplace for Summer and Increase Productivity

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Summer is one of those seasonal slumps in most workplaces. Employees are disengaged with their minds wandering off to their summer plans, especially since COVID-19 somewhat destroyed a lot of their plans. But even before the health crisis hit, a study has shown that employee productivity usually drops by about 20% over the summer season.

Improve employee productivity this summer with these helpful yet simple tips to keep them motivated and inspired to be as fruitful and productive as they can be despite the scorching heat.

6 Ways to Prepare Your Workplace for the Summer to Boost Employee Productivity

1. Prepare your facility for the warm summer weather, anticipating extremely hot temperatures.
Depending on your line of business, some of your workers may be required to work under extremely hot conditions for extended periods. This poses certain health risks. It is best if you prepare your facility to prevent any heat illnesses in your workplace.

Have ample fans all over the place for proper air circulation. Schedule a building HVAC testing, adjusting, and balancing. Ensure everyone has easy access to clean potable water sources for hydration.

2. Schedule leaves and time-offs ahead of time.
According to AAA, 62% of Americans made summer vacation plans last year. Now translate that number to your workplace. What if that same percentage made summer plans at the same time? What a nightmare that would be!

To avoid this, you need to implement some sort of vacation and time-off request procedure. Once you’re done with the leaves policy, make sure everyone gets the memo. This way, it lets you stay on top of things and allows you to plan accordingly.

3. Be flexible and give your employees alternative working options.
Since the pandemic sent a lot of people home earlier this year, plenty of companies have started to offer more flexible working conditions to their employees.

Letting your employees have alternative options, such as remote work or scheduling longer hours on fewer days, can help them accomplish more both at home and at the office.

4. Let your people get work done in the sun if they want to.
Don’t let this season go to waste. Take some time to enjoy the good things that come with it such as great weather and sunny skies.

Provide an area outdoors where your employees can set-up temporary workstations and bask in the sun while they get work done. It may seem like a small thing but it has been proven to improve employee morale and boost their productivity.

While understandably this doesn’t work for all, if your workplace is suitable for this set-up, go for it. You won’t regret it.


5. Open windows and allow some fresh air to come in.
If your office does not have any outdoor spaces to work in, the next best thing is to let some of the summer breeze in by opening windows all over your facility.

You’d be surprised at what a gust of fresh air can do to increase productivity. A Harvard Business Review study claims that breathing better-quality air helped improve decision-making at work.

6. Let your people enjoy some distractions.
Summertime comes with many distractions. It is inevitable. So if you can’t beat them, join them.

Include some fun days in your summer office calendar that will let your employees step away from their desks and workstations to just enjoy some fun and games with the others. Doing so also promotes greater camaraderie which is a very effective team-building tool.

Making the necessary adjustments at work for this season will help boost employee productivity. Make this time fun and comfortable for everyone but still hold them accountable for their duties and responsibilities despite the more relaxed atmosphere.

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