A Complete Guide to Various House Facade Decorations

house facade

The first thing that people see is the front facade of your house. It plays a huge role in attracting impressive comments, too. Additionally, the facade also talks about the character and personality of the occupants. With a well-designed facade, you can demand any price for your home in the future. You need to decide on the materials you will be using in the initial construction phases. The look and feel of the facade make way for the interior decor, too.

If you want a Victorian look outside, you need to continue with that in the interior and so on. Moreover, you must use the materials cautiously to resonate with the region’s climate you are living in and your lifestyle. The facade also protects the inhabitants from heat and chill. If you are constructing a new home or renovating an existing one, you should read this guide.

Here are a few ideas for house facades decorations.

Wood Cladding

This is one material that can never go wrong. You get this material in the form of planks. Additionally, you have to get your designer or contractor to cut these into the desired sizes. Weathered wood is one of the best options available today. And why not? It is so resistant. There are myriad benefits associated with wood or timber cladding. The most important one is they are biodegradable. You can also get them treated for termite resistance.

Recently, another variation of the classic wood cladding has hit the market. It is the plastic wood cladding. This hybrid emulates the same looks as the wooden cladding without being expensive. Moreover, it is maintenance-free. Wood cladding will also make your home energy-efficient. You can add them to your home’s exterior in various shapes and shades. You can avail yourself of all these benefits by choosing one as your front facade material.

High-pressure Laminates (HPL)

You can give a modern and chic look to your home with HPL. These come with an arsenal of benefits; they are lightweight, termite-resistant, and easy to install. You can get them in various patterns and finishes, including the wood one. You can add trimmings and moldings in such materials to add depth to the front facade. Owing to their durable nature, you can use them all over the external walls in your house. They give a polished appearance with clear-cut lines. Also, you can use the leftovers for your kitchen and patio design. These increase the value of homes and land and enable you to keep up with the times. Your agent will not have difficulty fetching the right buyer if you decide to sell the house.

Glass Panels

You can bring all the greenery indoors with the help of sliding glass panels. It is a part of modern living, wherein you make an indoor-outdoor connection. The glass panels can open up into the swimming pool, a balcony, or the lawn. This is one of the best ways to make your home energy efficient. As you allow all the natural light to enter, you will be using fewer lights. Thus, you automatically reduce the wastage of non-renewable resources of energy.


Terracotta Tiles

This is yet another way to create home facades in tropical regions. The cladding is great as they tend to absorb all the extra heat and keep the interior cool. Moreover, they add a touch of earthiness to the homes. The cladding is made from natural clay is a good heat insulator and durable. Furthermore, it keeps the noise out. That is quite a good reason to have them for your facade cladding. Roofs are also made from such materials. Therefore, it is one unique combination that can take your coastal home to the next level. Some architects add a dash of colors to the clay tiles to improve their appearance. Decorative paint coatings can make the tiles last longer than their unpainted counterparts.

Stone Cladding

You can also go for stone cladding on the external facade of your home. It is needless to say that it gives a touch of the outdoor landscapes to your homes’ exterior finishing. Sandstone and limestone are the most common materials that are used today. They also increase the mechanical strength of the house. Additionally, the material has longevity and will look appealing for a long time. The stones may be porous, so you must seal them before installation. Stone cladding also helps guard homes against frost, heat, and rain. Thus, it is both aesthetic and durable. Today, the trend is rocking the home exterior market due to its natural appeal.

Industrial Design

Although this is more common in the commercial sector, few people with high-security requirements install metal designs on the external facades. Aluminum or steel composite panels are mostly used. These materials lend an industrial look to the outer part of the building. However, you ought to get the metals coated with sealants and water-proofing agents to keep alive and rust-free for long service. You can also install painted metal panels to give it a quirkier appeal against the simple industrial and box-like look.

These are a few facades designs and decor ideas for the new year. Choose yours depending on your budget, needs, and lifestyle. There is one for each one of you out there.

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