A Guide to Navigating and Exploring the Lion City


Singapore is a small country — but there is a myriad of places to visit and explore. You can travel around the country in several ways, depending on your preferences.

Get Behind the Wheel

If you’re visiting Singapore for more than a week, renting a car is probably your best option. Singapore has a host of vehicle service centres — ranging from eco-friendly hybrid car rentals to ostentatious sports cars. You won’t need to apply for an additional license as long as you have one issued in your own country. You can drive as usual for your stay, but you’ll need to apply for a Singapore license if you’re staying for more than 12 months.

Just remember to drive on the left side of the road — especially in your first few days. Traffic signs are easy to read, with most (if not all) signs written in English. Singaporeans rank number one in Asia when it comes to English proficiency, so you won’t have problems asking for directions if you get lost. However, it would still be advisable to cheese a service that provides a GPS device when renting a car, or you can download a driving app on your phone.

Ride the Trains

If you want to see the city the way most of the locals do, then grab a tourist pass and ride the trains and buses. A tourist pass will give you access to trains and most buses within the country. A three-day pass will cost you S$20 (around US$14). You can also opt for single and 2-day passes, but the prices are negligible.

Singapore’s public transportation system is one of the best in Asia, so you probably won’t have problems getting around the city. Train rides can be a bit packed during peak hours, but nowhere as packed compared to other countries like Japan, China, or the Philippines. Make sure to map your route beforehand when travelling and bring a map or have one on your phone to be sure.

Take Leisurely Rides on a Bike


You can span the length and width of Singapore in a bike in two to three days — but that would be missing the point. Singapore is a beautiful country, and leisurely rides will let you experience its grandeur the most. Rent a bike by the hour or day and explore the sights as you get a bit of exercise.

Singapore has marvellous bike trails to explore, and riding in parks and beaches is a welcome respite to the bustle of the city. The country’s bike trails can provide adequate challenges to even the most experienced cyclist. The Southern Bumps provides the hills and curves, and the Western Adventure Loop will give you a rougher ride in wild jungles. Of course, it’s best to ride with a group or a guide familiar to the routes, so contact a friend or a cycling group beforehand to plan your rides.

Go fast or go slow — explore the Lion City however you want. Take time to plan your trips so that you can make the most out of your visit.

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