A Style Guide for a Beautiful, Practical Home Office for Work-at-Home Parents

woman sitting at her home office

Working from home as a parent enables you to spend more time with your kids while reducing the stress of driving to and from the office every day. While you won’t have to deal with the noise and distractions at the office, you might still encounter a lot of interruptions at home that could hurt your productivity.

Challenges of Working from Home

Being a parent is already a full-time job. And it’s natural that you would want to spend as much time with your young ones as possible and be there as they grow up. Keeping an office job, however, will eat up most of your time. If you decide to work remotely, you should be ready to balance your time for kids and your work as certain distractions could affect your productivity. These distractions include:

  • Watching television
  • Going out to eat or get coffee
  • Babysitting
  • The temptation to go back to bed

How do you beat the work-from-home blues? Consider having a well-designed home office for one. It’s been known to help you increase your productivity. Invest in quality office appliances that are not only ergonomic but also stylish to blend into your overall aesthetic, as well.

Home Office Design Tips to Boost Productivity

Your home office should be professional, comfortable, and suit your personality. Getting the design just right can be challenging, though. You should learn the elements you must include to come up with a design that would work for you.

Stick to a minimal design. It’s better to keep only the things you need on your desk; unnecessary items on your workstation are just distracting clutter. A minimal workstation is also low maintenance, giving you more time to work and play with your kids.

Focus on comfort and function. Working in a comfortable environment helps you finish more work. Make sure your chair is ergonomic and won’t compromise your posture. You can also find quality industrial desks for sale that suit your needs. Invest in shelves and storage to keep loose documents so your children won’t reach them.

Positioning your workstation in an area with a pretty view and access to fresh air helps boost your creativity. You can also draw inspiration for your work from that view rather than from a plain blank wall. If your home office has no windows, hang a beautiful picture above your desk instead.

Once you’ve come up with the design that’s right for you, make sure to keep it well-maintained. A cluttered office might demotivate you to finish your tasks.

Staying Productive when Working from Home

woman smiling while doing her work on a laptop

Apart from your home office, certain tools contribute to your continued productive energy. For instance, installing communication software, such as Slack, Skype, or Hangouts, will help you communicate with your team members at the office easily. This way, your attention won’t stray so easily.

Time management is crucial, as well. Consider following regular working hours that don’t compromise your time with your kids. This could be difficult at first, but with a little discipline, you’ll get the hang of it eventually. Track how much time you spend on your tasks to set your expectations.

Working from home is an excellent opportunity, especially for mothers who want to look after their children themselves. Self-discipline is necessary to help you meet your company’s expectations while staying at home with your kids.

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