After-Sales Support: Going Beyond the Initial Purchase

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With the cutthroat competition among businesses today, more and more companies are placing significant effort in building effective strategies for attracting more customers and making the most sales. Discounts, gift cards, loyalty bonuses, and complimentary gifts are all good measures for keeping customers’ attention, yes, along with treating them well during the whole sales process.

But the question is, do you continue to offer them support and service after they make a purchase and you earn profit from them?

Providing After-Sales Support and Service

When customers feel left out after sales, that is where support and service come in. Service has many definitions, ranging from the timely delivery of a product to providing a manual that can meet the needs of a customer, or being readily accessible to accommodate requests for product replacement.

Nowadays, plenty of reviews and feedback are what drive people to engage with businesses and avail of their products of services. That is why more companies use customer feedback, ratings, and loyalty awards. Many also improve on their after-sales support by utilizing extended warranties or return to vendor applications, which, in turn, increase the level of trust between the buyer and the seller.

If you want to retain your loyal customers and eventually gain more new ones, it is important to recognize the need for change from within. Start by developing a more customer-oriented attitude among yourself and your employees. Be ready to represent your brand in terms of quality business and customer service.

Setting Clear Policies

Customer service and care include how your company handles irate customers, your response rate to website and phone queries, the number of available cashiers, and your return policies. Place yourself in your customer’s shoes and imagine all the scenarios that will make you feel valued and special.

Implementing clear customer service policies and exercising them with employees are good ways to retain your loyal customers. Train employees by using role-playing techniques in following policies and then, point out where they are doing good and not. Emphasize the points for improvement. Schedule training sessions every now and then to make sure everyone always ups their game.

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Listening to Customer Feedback

Listen to what the people have to say and be open for comments and suggestions. Dropboxes, feedback forms, and online surveys are all vital to let your customers know that you always have room for improvement.

After gathering data, analyze common themes and complaints, and see where you can improve from there. If surveys are not your thing, shooting a message online or calling a customer regarding their experiences with your product can also make them feel valued.

Providing Long-Term Rewards

By being open to feedback and rewarding loyal customers, they will feel more inclined to see other products or services you have to offer. Take note, too, that a satisfied customer will most likely refer their family and friends to your company. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth.

The search for new customers is always a good idea in keeping things fresh and driving sales up. However, gaining the loyalty of your existing customers is even more important. Maintaining a consistent customer base with the help of after-sales support and service will leave you with a stable business over one that keeps searching for new faces just to stay afloat.

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