Air Pollutants in Your House and How to Get Rid of Them

installing air filter

You must think that your home is safe from outdoor pollutants. Think again. In South Jordan, like in many cities in the USA, many residents don’t realize that indoor air – the air you breathe inside homes, buildings, and offices – can be more polluted than the air outdoors.

If you want to reduce the presence of pollutants inside your home, it’s best to hire a reliable service that offers air duct cleaning. South Jordan city has many businesses that offer such services.

However, before you hire a cleaning company, you need to identify the sources of the problem. It’s important because the solution you have to apply will depend on what type of pollutants you’re dealing with. Here are common contaminants in your home and how to eliminate them:


Volatile organic compounds, come from chemicals in solvents, hair spray, perfume, air fresheners, furniture polish, glue, and wood preservatives. To reduce exposure to VOCs, remove them from your home. If you have to use them, make sure that the room around you is ventilated well.


Tobacco and second-hand smoke are dangerous to everyone’s health. Their adverse effects stay in your home or a building even long after the smokers have left. If you want to avoid the toxins, it’s best not to smoke inside.

If you have to, however, you can get rid of the toxins by washing all washable fabrics, ceilings, and walls with hot water and detergent. Then, replace carpets, non-washable fabrics, and venting filters.


This is a chemical found in the soil. Because it’s odorless and colorless, it can only be detected through proper testing. Have your home tested and then hire a qualified radon-reduction contractor to install a radon removal system in your home.


pest control

Any chemical used to eliminate insects is considered a pesticide. Unfortunately, they’re hazardous to your health. Try using organic, non-chemical pesticides instead. Or if you already have pesticides at home and are using them regularly, upgrade the filter in your central heating and air system to a screen with MERV 16 (or better) rating. This will remove 95% of the dust from pesticides.


This can be found in many press-board types or particle composite wood products, fertilizers, building materials, household products, insulation, and even cigarette smoke. Unfortunately, it can take years to remove formaldehyde from these products.

To reduce exposure, do not purchase products that contain formaldehyde. If it can’t be avoided, use a humidifier or an air conditioner to maintain a moderate temperature and humidity in your home. This will slow the release of formaldehyde in the air.

Biological Pollutants

These include animal dander, dust, mold, and dust mites. Your first defense against these pollutants is keeping your home clean. And then, make sure that the moisture level in your home is controlled to prevent these pollutants from multiplying. Consider purchasing an activated carbon air purifier or air filter as well. This type of filter can remove most pollutants in a closed room.

Health-wise, your home should be a safe place to live in. It’s essential to make sure that the air you breathe keeps you healthy. Identify these pollutants and follow these easy steps to help you enjoy clean air at home.

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