What Unique Amenities To Invest In For Luxury Rental Homes

luxury home
  • Invest in outdoor living spaces such as patios, swimming pools, barbecues, and pizza ovens for increased appeal. 
  • Utilize heated floors and cold weather greenhouses to extend the outdoor season.
  • Install smart home automation to provide tenants with convenience and energy efficiency. 
  • Enhance security with cameras and automatic gates.
  • Incorporate sustainable features such as eco-friendly appliances, rain gardens, greywater systems, and solar panels to reduce environmental impact and costs. 

Investing in real estate, particularly in renting out luxury homes, can be a lucrative and secure way to secure your financial future. However, with the increasing competition in the luxury rental market, it’s essential to set your property apart by providing unique amenities that potential renters will find irresistible. Here are some unique amenities you can invest in to increase your rental income and attract the right tenants.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Since people are spending more time at home these days, outdoor living spaces make a big difference in attracting tenants. Keep in mind that luxury rental tenants gravitate towards properties that enhance their lifestyle. Therefore, here are some amenities to consider for your outdoor living spaces:

Barbecues and Pizza Ovens

Barbecues and pizza ovens are becoming increasingly popular amenities for luxury rental homes. They provide the perfect space for outdoor entertaining and a unique way to enjoy meals with family or friends.

Many tenants also appreciate the convenience of grilling or baking without leaving the comfort of their homes. Investing in high-end barbecues and pizza ovens is a great way to set your luxury rental property apart from the competition.

Heated Floors

Heated floors are becoming increasingly popular in luxury rental properties as they provide tenants with a comfortable and unique experience. Not only is walking across heated floors an enjoyable experience, but they also offer a health benefit by reducing the risk of slips and falls. Heated floors can be installed economically and efficiently, providing a great return on investment.

Cold Weather Greenhouse

A durable cold weather greenhouse is also a great way to extend the outdoor living season for your tenants. It’s even more beneficial in colder areas where outdoor activities are limited in winter.

Investing in one will provide your tenants with an enjoyable and unique experience, allowing them to enjoy their outdoor environment all year round. It allows growing fruits, vegetables, or herbs in any climate all year round.

deep winter greenhouse in a snow-covered area

Smart Home Automation

Renting out a luxury home with smart home automation systems increases its value and functionality and saves renters money on utility bills. Moreover, home automation makes living more comfortable, and most tenants love the convenience of controlling everything through their smartphones. Here are some not-so-common things to install:

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras around the property adds to its safety and provides tenants an extra layer of protection. This is especially important if you are renting out your property to high-income tenants who may need extra security.

Automatic Gates

Adding automatic gates at the entrance of your luxury rental property not only adds to its security but also increases curb appeal. The added layer of protection is something that tenants are sure to appreciate.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular in luxury rental properties, as they allow tenants to control their environment with voice commands. Virtual assistant systems can also be integrated with home automation features such as lights, thermostats, and locks for added convenience.

person using tablet to control the smart home systems

Sustainable Features

Sustainability is vital to most environmentally-conscious luxury renters. Therefore, having eco-friendly features, like energy-efficient appliances, rain gardens, and compost systems, can make tenants happy and help you save tens of thousands of dollars in utility bills over time.

Besides, environmentally conscious amenities make a property more prestigious, always in demand, and cost-effective to maintain. These additions will reduce your property’s environmental impact and appeal to potential tenants looking for a green rental home.

If possible, you should also consider using non-toxic building materials and installing solar panels to further reduce the property’s carbon footprint.

Investing in unique features when renting out a luxury property can set it apart from the competition and attract financially savvy tenants who are willing to pay top dollar for an exceptional living experience. By providing outdoor living spaces, smart home automation, high-tech entertainment systems, spa features, and sustainable amenities, you can ensure that your luxury rental property stays ahead of the curve and remains marketable for years to come. Keep in mind that luxury renters seek a lifestyle that exceeds their expectations, and providing exceptional amenities like these can make all the difference in securing your financial future.

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