Here are Some Creative Ways to Make You a Client Favorite Among Ride-sharing Drivers

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Ride-sharing services have become prevalent in the last decade. It has become one of the most viable side-hustles and full-time jobs people have gotten into. With a global market value expected to amount to around $117 in 2021, it’s undeniably a big trade.

A global market this big also means that it has a lot of operators. With millions of ride-sharing drivers in the US alone, it’s a bit challenging to stand out. But there are ways to make every client’s ride worth it. This can give you an edge over other ride-sharing drivers.

Boost your relevance within the ride-sharing community. Check out these clever ways to be a client’s favorite driver.

Upgrade your focus on hygiene

We all know how the pandemic has impacted everyone, and it’s still recurring. Using your car for ride-sharing services makes it vulnerable to viral exposure. This prompts clients to be more cautious in sharing spaces with random people. That’s why you have to up your game when it comes to hygiene practices. We all know that this is a basic and common tip. But if you can improve this particular aspect of your service, it’ll be more impactful to your clients.

A simple gesture you can do is to offer a free bottle of hand sanitizers. It’s not just a matter of showing them how pristine your vehicle is. You can also make them feel that it is clean by making the car clean-smelling. Eliminate unwanted odors and make sure that your vehicle always smells fresh. You have to trigger your clients’ senses to assure them of your car’s cleanliness.

Give perks to your clients

Believe it or not, complimentary kits feel like gifts for others. But since you’re here to make the ride worth your clients’ time, you could give more if you’re willing. Some clients are on the go. There may be times you chance on a client who takes their breakfast inside your car. Wooden spoons and forks would be useful. It also promotes eco-friendliness.

Sachets of condiments, wet napkins, and coffee essentials are also an option. Small bottles of perfumes can be an elegant freebie. Be creative and thank them for riding by giving them key chains or complimentary gums. The choices are endless. You have to be imaginative and unique.

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Prioritize your clients’ safety

There should be nothing more important than your clients’ safety. Your goal is not just to bring them to their destination but also to bring them there safely. There have been a lot of serious offenses involving ride-sharing services. With this in mind, clients’ worries are justifiable.

You should aim to alleviate this feeling of threat when they ride inside your car. The first thing you have to do is ensure client-driver communication. Relationships should always be transaction as default. There’s nothing wrong with being friendly but regulate it to an acceptable level.

Another thing you can do is to enhance the privacy of your car. Tinted window films add a layer of security and privacy for your clients. Lastly, drive your vehicle at a reasonable speed. Your clients should always feel safe from the time they step inside your vehicle until you drop them off.

Let your clients control the music

This is one of those tips that may sound comical. But the truth is, some really want to listen to the music they want while inside a ride-sharing vehicle. Instead of them asking you to turn the radio off, you could make them play their favorite songs from their phones.

Do this by investing in Bluetooth speakers that you can install in your car or simply making an aux cord readily available. This can make your car more client-centric. Giving them an option to listen to their jams while on a long ride is a rewarding feeling.

Your personality counts

Last but not least, you have to project yourself professionally. Just simply your good personality as a driver will give your clients the comfort they expect. Base your approach on how your clients want to be treated. Some want to initiate small talks. You can follow their lead and find a common interest that you can discuss. Let the whole ride be entertaining for both parties.

Some passengers only want their quiet time to relax. Give them their peaceful hour as you take them to their destination. Be responsive to requests such as stopping by in a coffee shop or pharmacy. Welcome your clients warmly and just be a good driver. It’s not rocket science, but it’ll surely make a huge difference.

Buckle up and make those five-stars reviews speak for your service. Ride-sharing could be an everyday thing nowadays. But a client’s wonderful experience with your service can definitely make the ride worthwhile.

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