Beyond the Home Sweet Home: Moving to a Family-friendly Neighbourhood

Family cleaning the street

Whether you’re buying or building a home, location matters. Not only because it influences the price of the house or land you’re getting; it also impacts how you live your life once you move in. It will significantly affect your career opportunities, your sense of safety, or the sense of feeling at home. If you’re on the lookout for your next home where you can raise kids, it’s essential to move into a family-friendly location. However, how exactly can you know if you’re in one? Here are the signs you should watch out for when visiting a master planned estate around Truganina, Victoria:

Good schools are nearby

Great schools are a magnet to people who are concerned about the welfare of their kids. If there’s a school near the neighbourhood you’re eyeing, there’s a high chance that responsible parents are inside that community. That’s where you want to belong. Keep an eye on campuses in the area. Check out the population and track record of the schools. If you’re planning to enrol your children, see how accessible the routes are from your home. Do a test drive during school hours. Observe if students are biking or walking their way to campuses. Truganina communities have some of the best schools in Melbourne.

Children have the same age as your kids

Father dropping off daughter

Of course, you have to envision the social life of your kids even before moving in. You’re not only raising physically active and mentally prepared kids—you want to nurture socially smart children. Thus, their future peers in the community matters. Check the population stats of the community. Look for strollers or playground sets in your neighbours’ front yards. See if their cars have baby support gear at the back (do it without prying). Visit the neighbourhood’s playground to see the kids of the community themselves. That way, you will have a rough idea of your child’s future playmates.

The downtown centre is just five minutes away

A family-friendly location is one that’s close to commercial establishments. You don’t want to spend half an hour on the road to buy a carton of milk or do your groceries, right? Look for communities that provide easy access to the downtown centre. If the hubs aren’t walkable, there should at least be a mass transportation system available nearby, or they should be a five-minute drive away. Another reason why you want to be close to commercial establishments is that you want to have a lot of job opportunities. Remember a place with much economic activity has much career potential. If you’re raising a family, of course, you should explore those opportunities and secure your financial future.

In the end, location is a crucial consideration when finding your next home. Before you fall in love with the property or decide to build one yourself, you should be able to assess if you’re indeed moving into a good, family-friendly neighbourhood. Remember that you can always replace the colour of your house’s walls or the chipping floors, but you can’t quickly change your address.

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