Bringing the Holiday Spark to Your Home

Holiday Spark to Your Home

The image of Utah during the holidays is, perhaps, the perfect picture to put on a Christmas postcard.

By the arrival of the holiday season, the mind escapes the hustle of the mundane by wandering to the images of Christmas– cities in Utah illuminated by holiday lights at night, wreaths hanging on every door to welcome one’s arrival, and the family tree standing tall by the living room window. ; Surely, you can’t help but count down the days until it’s time to set-up the decorations.

The best addition to the festive atmosphere is the presence of friends and family when they come home to us. This is why the best stories are made when it’s the holidays. Anecdotes that are worthy of retelling throughout the years simply multiply by the dozen. From the chorus of never-ending chatter to the recipe that only sees the light of day when it’s Christmas season, these moments are engrained further in the mind because the senses remember. Of course, these are the essence of Christmas, but it can’t be denied that seeing the decorations around can make us feel more festive.

Here’s a checklist of things that will bring the holidays to your home:

1. Scented candles and aromatic oils

The scent of Christmas air is a mix of hope and nostalgia— personal but not entirely personalized. There is an array of familiar scents that people associate with the season, but each one represents a different story for every person. One whiff of the apple and cinnamon, for instance, can instantly take someone back to the Christmas eve of her childhood when pie was finally allowed before bedtime. Find your family’s signature holiday scent and stick to it.

2. Family dish

Every family has a signature holiday dish– from an easy-to-make dishes like pigs in a blanket to a meticulous dish like osso buco. It could be a traditional dish in which the recipe has been with your family for decades or a newfound one that instantly became a family favorite.

Preparing the dish is a tradition in itself. Having your family to help around is a kind of bonding. To your family, it’s what Christmas tastes like. It’s the most memorable among the dishes you share with the family on the dinner table.

3. Christmas decorations

A no brainer. The easiest and most obvious way to transform your home is to decorate it inside and out. This is the time when you can feel like a kid again decorating your gingerbread house, only this time it’s real. Find the color palette and design that will match the existing interior design of your home.

Make sure you have an area in your home that can serve as the picture-perfect spot where your family and friends can gather around to exchange gifts, catch up on the happenings in each others’ lives, and take photos. It could be the family Christmas tree or the decorated fireplace. And don’t forget the Christmas soundtrack!

The holidays only happen once every year. When it comes, we are given the time to take a rest from our usual routine, and we get to eat and drink until midnight, we get to rest and be with our loved ones. We always look forward to it, and we absorb it in small and huge ways, through what we sense and feel.

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