Buying a Family Car: Which is Best For You?

family inside a car

When it comes to investing money, you would mostly hear people recommend insurances, stocks, bonds, real estate, and other short and long term securities. What they possibly don’t know is that cars can be an investment, too, especially if you are using the vehicle to earn money. For people starting out with their own families, this could be a fitting option. Buying a car can just be as easy as buying clothes.

Reputable car dealers in Auckland can also be found online, like most retail stores nowadays. Cars provide convenience, especially when you have a family that loves to travel. Having your kids safely tucked in your own vehicle is a great comfort rather than taking them with you on a crowded public transport vehicle. Moreover, they can become income generators if you know how to do it.

Here are some tips and suggestions for cars that can be for personal and business use:

Sports Utility Vehicles

Sports Utility Vehicles or SUVs have become a hot item for families in New Zealand, and it is easy to see why. It is roomier than a sedan, accommodates more people, and is typically better suited for long travels. In 2018, SUVs accounted for 17% of new vehicle sales.

Depending on your budget and preferences, the options are limitless. Kia Sportage, for example, is an excellent choice for an affordable yet value-for-money vehicle. In 2016, it was given a 5-star rating by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program, which means this vehicle’s safety features meet high standards. The Mitsubishi Outlander, on the other hand, has a Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle version, meaning you can have a long journey without polluting the air.

Hybrid automobiles use both electric and fuel engines to run. Batteries are rechargeable, so you can rely less on fuel. Aside from those, there are many other SUVs that boast the same convenience and efficiency features.

SUVs, particularly 4WD types, are also a popular choice as rented vehicles. Tourists and locals who are travelling in a huge group could use your SUV. Generally, rental rates for SUVs cost $29 per day in the offseason and can shoot up to $150 per day if you own a high-end or luxury unit. Considering all of those points, it is safe to say that investing in an SUV is a smart decision.

Camper Vans

Camper Van at night

A camper van isn’t just suitable for families, but for any form of groups as well. Travelling in a camper van can spare you a lot of money for lodging costs. Depending on how well you supply them, you’d also be able to save heaps of money for toiletries and other living essentials like towels, kitchen utensils, cooking ware, etc. In New Zealand, however, travelling in these vehicles have restrictions.

One example would be an age limit for drivers. Some camper van rental companies charge drivers under 25 years old with the so-called young driver’s surcharge. Consider this when you are trying to open a camper van business. Nonetheless, it remains a popular choice for young travelers, foreign or local. The country boasts of many beautiful landscapes and with a camper van, it gets even more awesome.

Rental costs for camper vans can be up to $350 per day during the peak season. If you kept your vehicle well-supplied and in pristine condition at all times, profitability at any season is guaranteed.

Seeing and weighing those two options for family vehicles, you’d now have a wider perspective on why owning any of those types of vehicles is advantageous. Tourism in New Zealand is becoming increasingly huge. At the end of 2018, international visitors increased by 7.8% compared to the year prior. Taking advantage of these favorable results by investing in a tourist-friendly vehicle may bring prosperity to your family.

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