Changes to Your Body After an Auto Accident

auto accident

Car accident victims who come out of their accident relatively unscathed don’t realize that they might have sustained injuries they are not aware of yet. Sometimes, the symptoms start late and escalate very fast. The best thing to do immediately after a car accident, no matter how minor, is to get yourself checked at a hospital for assurance that there are no undiagnosed injuries. If diagnosed early, most of these injuries can be treated or effectively managed. Once you have gotten over the initial shock of your accident, you may find yourself wondering what kind of injuries you might have sustained or what you should get checked for. Here are some common car accident injuries that you should know about.


This is a type of soft tissue injury that can result in severe pain and ligament damage. It occurs when the car crashes or brakes with force, causing the head to tilt back and move forward very fast. This causes the soft tissue in your neck to strain and tear. Although it will not cause any serious damage, it is still a painful problem. If you have whiplash, the best course of action after visiting a doctor is to ice the area and use painkillers. In Utah, whiplash pain that lasts a long time can be treated by licensed physiotherapists who specialize in injuries.



These and broken bones are the most common injuries coming out of collisions and side-impact accidents. The tell-tale symptoms of a broken bone are the inability to move it and the extreme pain accompanying it, but with hairline fractures it is harder to detect. It is always best to get an X-ray if you are in doubt. If not treated properly, fractures will heal poorly, causing permanent pain.

Head injuries

These can be extremely serious and need to be treated with the utmost urgency. The least severe type of head injury is a bump or a minor concussion. A severe concussion can leave you recovering for a very long time and alter your life drastically. The worst head injury coming out of car accidents can be hemorrhage, blood clots, and cracked skulls. Never take a chance if you have experienced any form of head injury, even a mild one.

Cuts and Scrapes

These can range from minor to severe. Minor scrapes and cuts are painful and bothersome, whereas serious ones will require stitches and sometimes even hospitalization. The real threat from cuts and scrapes is that they will get infected or cause too much bleeding. They can also leave visible scarring if they heal badly.


These are caused by engine fuel catching fire, though this is relatively rare. In case of burns, go to your nearest burn center or emergency room. They can be life-threatening if they are extensive or deep.

Most of these injuries can be dealt with effectively if the symptoms are presented early enough. It may take a long time, patience, and the right therapy. But if you have been in a car accident, do not give up hope of healing.

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