Classic and Timeless Design Suggestions for Porches and Patios

wide view of the porch and front walkway

If you’re buying an old property or have been living in one, chances are many areas in the house have outdated design, old decor, and an overall need for repair and remodeling. Your decades-old porch can be making your home less lively, and if it has broken fixtures such as misaligned concrete steps, it may cause accidents.

Similarly, outdoor areas with worn-out foundations can be at risk of causing trips and falls. Not to mention they don’t look appealing and welcoming anymore. To start your renovation, opt for professional porch repair in West Jordan or any other location.

With new and sturdy base grounds, you can start furnishing them as you wish. Here are some design options to consider:


A porch can be mistaken for a patio and vice versa. A porch is a roofed structure that is open at the sides. It is attached to the house, usually at the entrance, as a protection or a resting place for the inhabitants. Some houses have porches at the back or wrapped around it. A patio, meanwhile, can either be attached or detached to the house. It may have a roof or a pergola overhead and is typically larger than a porch.

There are endless ideas on porch design and decor, but if you want something simple yet elegant and perfect for all seasons, try painting all of the porch’s walls white. It’s a color that never goes out of style and is fit for any season. Keep furniture simple and few to maximize space.

Adding plants and fresh flowers in your porch can soften its overall look. Try putting some on the sides of the steps to improve your curb’s appeal. Be sure to water them regularly to maintain their freshness. For flooring, you can go with wood tiles to mix vintage and modern looks. If not on the floors, you can install the wood tiles on the columns and beams, too.


Residential backyard deck overlooking lawn and lake

A patio is an ideal place to entertain guests. In the summer, you’d make great use of this outdoor space, so it’s essential to make it inviting and cozy. If your patio space is limited, putting a sectional sofa is the way to go. It seats about 4-5 people without taking up much space. Putting a wooden fixture and furniture around your patio can give it a coastal vibe that is perfect for entertaining.

Like in porches, you’d also never go wrong with white paint in your patio. This is especially perfect if your patio is detached to your house, but is rather standing on your lush garden. The white would stand out better against all the greenery. Paint the pergola white and keep furniture simple and few as well to create a haven that is ideal for deep conversations.

For patios attached to the house, make it an extension of your indoor living room by enclosing it with walls. That way, your patio would be weatherproof, allowing you to enjoy it even if it’s not summer. Glass walls would be better to allow natural light to enter on sunny days.

With these simple but brilliant ideas, you can now have a clearer vision on what kind of porch and/or patio would you like to have that would never go out of style. Going with the classics can sometimes be the better choice because they’re cost-efficient and easy to implement. With a timeless design and decor pieces, you no longer have to worry about not staying on-trend.

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