College Car: Essential Questions in Choosing a Freshman’s First Ride

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Aside from preparing students for their future careers, college also gives them a taste of adult life. One of the possible lessons that they will learn is driving and maintenance of their own vehicle. In light of this, you might be thinking of buying your teenager a car of their own. As a show of respect for their ability to decide, you can let them select the vehicle that they want. Of course, it doesn’t stop you from helping them along. Try asking them these questions to assist them in making a wise choice when it comes to their new car:

Which Brand and Dealership Do Your Prefer?

What might make choosing a first vehicle daunting is the number of possible choices that one has. But considering that different brands meet different needs and price points, it’s all a matter of selecting the right one that will fit your situation. After that, it will become a matter of where you decide to buy, whether it’s through an official dealership or from a relative. You might consider the proximity of repair centres in the area when making your choice. For example, if there’s a centre for Nissan service in Auckland, you might want to consider the brand for your teenager’s new car.

How New Is the Vehicle?

This question always has the potential to spark debate among college students and their parents. But all it really takes to settle matters is weighing the positives and negatives as well as taking a good look at one’s financial situation. You might want to consider a new vehicle if you can afford it and you want to have an easier time with maintenance. A used unit, on the other hand, can be good if you’re limited with your budget and you have a source that you can trust. Regardless of how new it is, you should always consider the reliability of the vehicle.

What Will You Use It for?

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Aside from simply transporting themselves to school, your college kid might have other uses in mind. For example, they might also think of getting friends and classmates to ride with them, or they might have to go through some rough terrain on the way. These can become important factors in what they decide on in the end. After all, different uses will have different demands, such as seating, durability, and mileage. It also doesn’t just affect what model they’re going to aim for but also what kind of insurance that the vehicle should get.

With these questions alone, you and your college student can already get ideas on which vehicles are among the best to purchase. In some cases, you might even arrive at what could possibly be the only choice. However, in the end, it would still be the student’s final say on the matter, seeing as they’re the ones who will be using it. This is a great opportunity to teach them to become as responsible as they can with their purchases as well as their belongings.

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