5 Commonly Overlooked Aspects of Health and Wellness

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The topic of health and wellness is a profound one. There’s a lot to be discussed about what makes us healthy or unhealthy. And perhaps, because of this, we overlook or neglect many of the more common yet serious ones. Let’s take a quick look at the aspects of well-being that need to be talked about more often.

Sedentary Lifestyle-related Illnesses

Many health issues related to lifestyle are often neglected as they simply can’t be pinpointed to a single disease. In the world today, many people live such sedentary lifestyles that it leads to a multitude of diseases. Here are some common ones.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Because we’re on our computers or phones all the time, our hands tend to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s often characterized by tingling or numbness in the hand, and because the symptoms are minor, is often ignored. However, ignoring it can lead to muscle damage that can render the hand immobile.


Sitting down for more than eight hours will do a number on your back. Many people report constant back pain, and even more, people simply ignore it, blaming it on sitting too much. However, like with many aches and illnesses, it can lead to something worse if left unchecked. Make sure you walk around often to help your back maintain its range of motion and reduce the pain.

Neck Problems

Along with backaches, neck problems are also prevalent with office workers or those who live a sedentary lifestyle. Craning the neck forward can prove to be dangerous, as it affects the spine. Not to mention that after the day, your neck is sore from always putting your head forward.

Mental Health Is Also Overlooked

The increased awareness about mental issues is a boon to everyone. Mental health problems were often treated as a taboo of sorts, but more and more people are talking about them nowadays. Despite this, there is still a general lack of awareness that needs to be rectified.


Depression is usually misunderstood as “extreme sadness.” While that’s not entirely wrong, it oversimplifies an issue that has many factors. It can be biochemical (in which our brains don’t have the chemical balance it needs), it can be because of the environment, or it can even be genetic. What’s important to note is that depression can be treated, and with the right therapy and medication, its effects can be subdued.


When we’re tired or overworked, we’re more prone to stress. However, not all stress is bad, as eustress (literally meaning “good stress”) can be a form of positive reinforcement or motivation. Distress is the detrimental kind—one that makes us anxious and more tired. Allowing yourself to be stressed all the time opens you up to a myriad of mental and physical health issues, so make sure to de-stress regularly.

Eating Disorders

There are many causes of eating disorders, just as there are many types of eating disorders. It’s often connected to self-image issues. A common misconception is that only women are affected by eating disorders. No one is safe from it; regardless of gender, it can affect anyone. Make sure to visit a health professional should you or anyone you know show signs of eating disorders.

Sleeping Habits

Children are usually recommended eight hours of sleep, but even adults need the same amount. Sacrificing sleep leads to a weaker immune system, hampered mental faculties, and feelings of lethargy. It can even lead to fatal diseases such as heart disease or diabetes. And the length of sleep isn’t the only necessary thing, but the quality as well. Uninterrupted, deep sleep for an appropriate length of time is critical for our health.

Dental Health

When there is a discussion about health, dental health isn’t exactly among the top ones to talk about. But our dental situation still very much affects our overall health and well-being. Perhaps a common reason for this is that a large part of dental surgeries often appears cosmetic. But they’re not just cosmetic. Many maxillofacial surgeons don’t just “fix” your jaw, but they can also help realign mandibles, perform major dental implants, and other similarly essential operations. Add the fact that teeth pain can severely hamper your everyday life; oral and dental health should be part of any health conversation.

Health is rarely just about being at the right weight or not having any fatal diseases. Humans are complex creatures, and understanding our bodies is even more complicated. It’s important to approach health holistically to maintain our overall well-being.

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