Dentacoin: Should You Consider It for Your Business?


Cryptocurrency has received a lot of hype during the last few years. It seems to be the currency of the future. But many companies struggle to adopt such a currency into their business, especially those that have only started. A particular industry that’s slowly adapting to cryptocurrency is the dental industry.

The general dental industry is estimated to be $155 billion worldwide. That’s a pretty massive industry with billions of customers. However, the industry struggles to adapt to digital changes in the world. This is relatively common for many industries related to healthcare. But throughout the years, the industry has developed its form of cryptocurrency. This is a feat that many sectors in healthcare haven’t done yet.


Dentacoin is a cryptocurrency that started in the Netherlands in 2017. It aims to make the industry take control of the cryptocurrency market. Furthermore, it’s expected to become a new and evolved payment option when a customer visits the dentist’s office. Lastly, Dentacoin was created to make transactions a lot more secure.

Moreover, Dentacoin is found in various dental insurance. This means that anyone who uses Dentacoin has various dental insurance programs. It’s found all over Europe, especially in the Netherlands. However, it’s struggling to make its way to the US. Despite the process of purchasing such a cryptocurrency easy.

To purchase Dentacoin, customers can visit any cryptocurrency site. It’s as easy as using your debit card to purchase online items. First, however, you need a Dentacoin wallet address. It’s pretty easy to create your account on their website. Once you do, you have to use your cash in a debit card to purchase as much Dentacoin you want, and then it’ll be sent right to your wallet.

Benefits of Dentacoin

Secure and Anonymous Transactions

This cryptocurrency is an ERC-20 token, which uses the Ethereum blockchain for transactions. Blockchain is a decentralized way to store and use data for those who aren’t tech-savvy. This means that data transactions that happen within the Ethereum blockchain can’t be accessed through a central data chamber. Instead, certain transactions are found in different areas of the blockchain.

The decentralized nature of Dentacoin makes it a struggle for hackers to gain access to customer and investor transactions. It’s not as easy as hacking into a bank and transferring money. Hacker groups have to simultaneously hack different chains to gain access to a boatload of money. Ideally, one hacker only has access to one transaction, meaning if a single transaction is jeopardized, other transactions remain secure.

Moreover, for customers, their transactions will be secure. Therefore, for customers that want to keep their lives private, Dentacoin is the best choice.


Much like other cryptocurrencies in the market, Dentacoin is expected to grow in value. No one is entirely sure what’s the market cap, but it can easily be around $600 million to a billion dollars. As more dental professionals and markets start adopting Dentacoin, the larger the market cap will be. The larger the market cap, the higher the investors’ profits will be.

It’s the same as investing in traditional assets. Many will consider this a digital asset that’s expected to be worth millions in the future.

Is It Worth For Your Business?

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About one-third of  US-based businesses are accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method. Many more are purchasing cryptos for business-related activities and investments. It’s not entirely sure how many more businesses will adopt cryptos in the future, but experts believe that it will only continue to grow in the coming years.

If you’re a professional in the dental industry, it might be worth getting some Dentacoin in your business and investment portfolio. It can be used for all sorts of transactions. As stated earlier, a great benefit from these transactions is security. No one will know that you have Dentacoin, nor will they ever have access to it aside for you.

When accepting Dentacoin as payment for your services, you might have to consider a couple of variables. First is your location. If you’re working in the US, it might not be worth it since only a few people know of Dentacoin. Moreover, insurance policies might not even accept at the moment. If you’re working in Europe, it’s worthwhile to have this as a payment option for your services.

The second variable is the services you’re offering. Expensive services such as dental implants can be made cheaper through Dentacoin. However, if it’s just a normal check-up, it might be better if your customers pay cash instead.

Investing or using Dentacoin for your dental business can be a worthwhile risk. Like any cryptocurrency, it’s poised to grow. This means it’s good to have a couple in your portfolio.

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