Creative Impasse-Breaking Methods in Divorce Mediation

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Divorce is an emotionally draining time for most couples. It is thus easy to make the wrong choices during this time as you would want nothing other than getting over and done with the divorce. Some of your decisions during this time, however, impact your children’s lives and yours to some extent.

To this end, you should get the best person to walk you through your divorce process. The best choice is a seasoned divorce attorney. People assume this means lengthy court battles, mudslinging, and high legal costs.

Divorce mediation handled by a Colorado-based firm, however, aims to get the best arrangements for you and your ex in private. As such, you are more often than not guaranteed of a cordial relationship with your ex even after the separation.

Some couples are, however, apprehensive about meditation since they assume there might not be as many options for breaking a deadlock if it so happens. The following are however, some of the creative techniques of breaking an impasse in divorce mediation.

Golf Mediation

Here, a neutral mediator will write down what they think is the reasonable and fairest conclusion of your impasse. They will then keep it confidential until you and your ex have also submitted their conclusion.

The party whose final choice will be nearest to that of the mediator’s is the one that will become the final judgment or award. In golf mediation, the chances of making a reasonable choice are heightened.

Baseball Mediation

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Here, you and your ex will write down what you are willing to accept on a contentious issue and hand it to a neutral mediator who in this case is often the attorney. The neutral party will then settle on one choice that becomes a binding judgment or award.

Baseball mediation encourages both parties to have reasonable positions. This is because a mediator is likely to pick the sensible option of the two. This, unfortunately, leaves your divorce decisions to a third party.

Pocket Golf Mediation

Here, the mediator will analyze the specifics of you impasse then come up with the best solution. They will then present the same to you and your ex in separate sessions and explain why this is your best choice.

If you both accept, this becomes the final judgment, but if only one party accepts, the other will not know. Though very effective, you might end up in trial or arbitration if none or one of you agrees with the mediator’s recommendation.

High-Low Mediation

Here, you will set a maximum and minimum amount for a monetary impasse in your mediation before its start. If you cannot agree on a particular area, the mediator will determine the monetary figure that should be the final one based on the set limits. Once you determine a comfortable monetary limit for various elements, high-low mediation is among the best options for impasse resolution.

With these options, you are assured of an effective method of reaching your divorce settlement in mediation. You can thus be assured that an impasse will not drag your divorce longer than necessary. You can have separate lawyers and a neutral mediator or use one lawyer to minimize your expenses.

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