How to Design an Alfresco Dining Area for a Restaurant that is Perfect for Summer

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Outdoor dining areas are becoming more and more popular among restaurants. Patrons love the experience of enjoying a meal outdoors, surrounded by natural beauty.

Moreover, it’s much safer to dine outdoors than within an enclosed space. Because of the pandemic, people have been cautious about the possibility of contracting a potentially deadly virus.

However, with outdoor dining areas, patrons no longer need to worry about the spread of illness and can enjoy their meals comfortably on your restaurant’s patio.

Restaurants that create an alfresco dining area can enjoy increased revenue and a better reputation among their customers. There are many ways to create an outdoor dining area, so read on to find out more!

Outdoor Patio Furniture

The outdoor patio furniture you provide should be attractive and comfortable. A high-quality table and chairs are important. Make sure that the seating is consistent with the restaurant’s theme or style. You can’t have plastic chairs and tables outside while diners inside get to enjoy plush couches.

In addition, there should be plenty of lounge areas available so customers can relax before and after they dine. Socializing is a big part of the al fresco dining experience. Patrons are able to sit down at tables or lounge on lounges while enjoying their meal. Outdoor seating can also be combined with fireplace and fire pits in colder months when diners want to enjoy warm conversations.

Patio Flooring

An outdoor patio should be warm, inviting, and safe for your patrons. To provide the first two qualities, you need to install a waterproof floor that will withstand any inclement weather conditions that may arise.

There are many types of commercial-grade tiles available that can be used as flooring for an outdoor patio. Vinyl tiles are an effective option because they’re inexpensive, attractive, and easy to clean. They come in a wide range of colors, so you can choose the color that best fits your restaurant’s exterior design scheme.

In addition, paving services offer paving stones and paving bricks that can be arranged in a way that fits your restaurant’s design concept.

Outdoor Dining Lighting

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You should also invest in high-quality lighting for your alfresco dining area. Not only do patrons need to see their food, but they also need to be able to see their company as well! String lights and candlelight are always popular among diners, so consider decorating your patio with these light fixtures.

Don’t forget about the importance of adequate lighting for your staff. Staff members should be able to see what they’re doing as they carry food and drinks from the kitchen to a table. Make sure that they have enough light to work with by providing bright, overhead lights. You can also install accent-style lighting on walls or around railings so staff members can see where they’re going.

Commercial Umbrellas

When the sun starts to set, you want your patrons to remain comfortable. This is when umbrellas can come in handy! Commercial umbrellas are effective tools that allow diners to enjoy their time outdoors well into the evening.

Many restaurants also use awnings when they’re sitting outside. Awnings provide extra shade when the sun is high in the sky, but when it starts to get dark, you can retract them so that your patrons are no longer blinded by bright lights.

Plants and Decor

Consider decorating your outdoor patio with plants and flowers for added beauty. There are also plants that serve purposes. Aside from aesthetics, certain plants can repel insects and provide a pleasant odor for diners to enjoy. The best part is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on these plants. Chicory, citronella grass, and lemongrass can all be grown in your restaurant’s backyard!

When choosing decorations for your outdoor dining area consider the season. For example, during the spring and summer, fresh flowers and potted plants will add color and beauty to your patio. However, in the autumn and wintertime, colorful leaves make an attractive display for your patrons.

Another effective way to beautify your alfresco dining area is by using hanging vases and baskets filled with bright ferns. These will provide privacy while also adding flavor to your restaurant’s exterior design concept. There are many other ways to dress up an outdoor patio, so be creative!

Finally, you want to remember that creating an outdoor dining area takes a lot of planning and preparation. You’ll need to research the best way to create your alfresco dining area before actually beginning your construction process. It’s also important that you have an accurate business plan which is based on realistic estimations of revenue and costs. Having an outdoor dining area will help your restaurant stand out from the competition, but you need to make sure it’s set up properly before inviting new customers onboard.

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