Five Design Tips to Make Your Home Feel Bespoke

bespoke home

If you are currently building or living in your forever home, then now is a good time to design it in a way that reflects who you are to the core. You want your home to feel as unique as you are, but done in an elegant, classy, and tasteful way. The term “bespoke” might bring about a luxurious feel, making homeowners feel intimated by the possible costs. Still, it’s possible to make your home feel custom without losing your entire life’s savings or going over your budget. The key is to curate it properly and be picky and particular about what you let in.

Here are some design tips to make your home feel distinctly curated to reflect your tastes, personality, and priorities.

Add wall treatments

If you find that a bare white wall is too dull and does not reflect your vibrant personality, consider adding some wall treatments to spruce it up a little. Here are some wall trends you need to know:

  • Several interior designers predict that terracotta walls will be all the rage this year. Think Ancient Rome but more modern and elegant. Don’t be afraid to explore more vibrant colors for your walls, but make sure that they are neutral enough that you can pair them with other design choices in a way that won’t overwhelm the eyes.
  • You can explore with your walls, but remember, they are like a blank canvas. When you opt for crazy patterns and colors for your walls right off the bat, you limit your choices for what else you can add to the room.
  • Consider adding something simple like a shiplap to add interest without making the wall look and feel overwhelming to the eye.

Invest in a fitness space

If you and your family prioritize physical fitness and overall health and wellness, consider investing in a fitness space where you can move freely. Consult with a basketball court contractor to see if there are rooms in your house or if your yard can be converted into one. The best part about turning the center into a basketball or tennis court is that it allows you and your family to improve at the sport, all while having a multifunctional space that can be a workout room, dance studio, and even a game room.

Once you’ve determined if you can convert an area of your property into a court or fitness room, you can then incorporate your personal style and workout of choice in it: Natural light, creamy white walls, and even aerial yoga. Who says a sports court needs to look a certain way all the time?

investing in a home gym

Switch out your lighting

Do not underestimate the power of new pendant lights in the rooms in your house. You would be surprised by how the lighting in your home can instantly make your interiors feel more custom, especially if your home had a generic design when you first moved in. If you want to elevate a room, find ways to elevate the lighting.

One example is adding some stylish pendant lights on top of your kitchen island or adding a row of mounted lights in the ceiling to transform the hallway in your house.

Look for new bathroom mirrors

If you’re at a time in your financial life when doing massive upgrades in the bathroom is not yet a plausibility, consider switching out the mirrors. Looking for more modern mirrors or vanities can instantly make your bathroom feel more bespoke and custom. You can also express yourself more when you opt for a statement mirror instead of a generic one that you can find in every other house in your neighborhood.

Update your hardware

Another small touch that can instantly make your interiors feel more bespoke is your hardware and handles. Think of an overall theme or motif for your house—it can be a color palette or material. Once you’ve identified the theme you want, make sure that the smaller accent pieces, like the hardware, comply with that theme. Some examples of a clear motif include rose gold and wood. The best part? You can find these smaller pieces in more affordable places like Amazon, and even IKEA has an affordable selection of hardware for kitchens and bathrooms.

Let your home be the ultimate expression of you and your family’s interests, values, and personalities. Your home should feel like they truly belong to you and not some stock photo on a random website. Consider these pointers when doing some home projects to give your home a bespoke and custom feel.

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