Do It Like a Pro: a Guide to Looking for a New Home

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Sure, house hunting is fun, but it’s exhausting, too. Even looking at only three houses can put you in stress mode, mixing up properties and forgetting which exactly has that faint musty bathroom smell or that beautiful kitchen cabinet hardware. Thus, when you step inside a house, you should see it with the lens of an agent. You should be able to notice all kinds of details and write them down. What exactly should you jot down? Here are the most important things to keep in your house-hunting journal:

Actual House Size

The size of the home is an important consideration when buying a home. What happens in property visits is that buyers focus on the spacious feel rather than the actual house size. This might not be the best way to gauge if this is the right house for your needs because a spacious feel can be a product of masterfully crafted home staging. Once you move in with your stuff, it might not be as expansive as it was. Thus, before you fall for how the house feels, look at the actual dimensions first. Usually, sellers give flyers containing specs. Still, take note of it in your journal. You never know when you might unintentionally throw out those papers. Besides, do you want to bring ten flyers from the houses you’ll visit? Again, don’t fall for the looks. Keep an eye on the actual size and assess if it suits your family’s needs.

First Impressions

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The feel of the space matters in buying a home, of course. When you’re seeing five houses a day though, you might forget what exactly the atmosphere was in each property. Thus, make sure to jot down what you felt the first time you entered the space. Go beyond the general impressions, like ‘nice’ or ‘bad.’ You might end up confused by these descriptions. Be specific, especially with your feelings in certain home zones. Was the living room homey or was there something off? Were there noises in the bedroom? Was there a funny odour in the bathroom? Of course, don’t forget your opinions on the location. Yes, the amenities of the community are in flyers from sellers, but you should keep a personal copy. If you peruse the master-planned estates around Geelong, you can find one that suits your needs.


It will be easier to deliberate with your family later if you have visual aids. Plus, it will support your written notes. Another reason why you should take pictures (and not rely on those on the flyers) is that marketing photos sometimes look too good than the real thing. If you want to make a realistic decision, then you have to have graphic images. With that in mind, take pictures of the good and bad things in the homes that you visit. Of course, you have to observe etiquette while taking photos. Out of respect, ask permission from the seller or the agent. Make sure not to include other people, especially kids, in images.

Visiting homes is an exciting part of house hunting. However, you must also have a keen eye when stepping into properties. Take note of all the details. That way, you can guarantee a home that suits your needs.

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