Do You Need a Child Custody Lawyer? Here’s How to Tell

child custody

Caught between wanting to represent yourself and hiring a lawyer to handle your child custody case? Sometimes sheer determination and willpower might not be enough. Below are some instances wherein the credentials of an experienced lawyer can help you get through the challenges of a courtroom:

1. Your Ex is Working with Legal Help

If the person that you are battling with is working with a lawyer, then that is a surefire sign that you need to get one yourself. If you are having issues with money, there might be free legal help where you are located.

2. Your Case Has Turned Complex

A fairly simple case can turn complicated along the way. There are instances wherein your ex can have a change of heart about sharing custody of the kids, or you have a hunch that they will try to make you look like you are not fit to take care of the kids. These are all valid complications that signal the time to hire an experienced professional to handle the case.

3. Jurisdiction Lines Are Crossed

If you are living in different countries or different states as your ex, then you must find out all you can about the ways the laws differ. This is where a lawyer can help the most. Inter-jurisdictional cases is a complicated legal situation that you will need the help of child custody lawyers in Santa Fe with.

4. Your Kids Might Be in Peril

There might be cases wherein you have just reason to believe that your kids’ lives or safety are in danger. The cost of losing your right to child custody is just way too high to consider risking. In this case, while getting a legal professional is probably the best court of action, also be vigilant to call 9-1-1 in case of any emergency. Also consider the possibility of getting a restraining order against your ex.

5. They Are Keeping You From Seeing Your Children

When there is an attempt to limit or completely shut out all contact with your children by your ex, it is definitely time to ring up a well-qualified lawyer. These attempts could come in the form of last-minute visit cancellations or actual refusal for you to see them.

6. You Need Treatment

child holding hand of parent

When the court is asking you to take anger management or parenting classes, or even drug or alcohol abuse treatment, then this means you are already at a disadvantage in the eyes of the court. When faced with this situation, it is best to get a lawyer to represent your case. However, if all parents in your state or country are actually required to take part in such classes as part of its regular child custody standard proceeding, then that is a different case.

7. Developing Circumstances in Your Case

Take into consideration any changes that may develop in the course of your case, such as remarrying, relocating and other such factors. In any of instances, it is best to seek the help of a professional to ensure the best outcome for your case.

Child custody proceedings can be a long and tiring battle. It is important that you do all you can in your power to ensure the outcome turns out in your favor. The risks of losing are just too high, and if you need to seek the help of a child custody lawyer, then so be it.

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