Doing Easy Repairs: Gain Skills and Save More Money

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Vehicle maintenance is a cost that can eat into any budget if you do not have the skills to fix minor issues yourself. Checking the oil or replacing a timing belt takes very little time and are skills that you can learn from something as innocuous as a YouTube video. Common household issues such as a burnt-out fuse or even a toilet that refuses to flush are quite easy to fix once you know what to look for and do not require very specialized tools. Avoid spending money you do not need to, by learning D.I.Y skills you can use to do basic repairs by yourself.

Your focus when it comes to choosing which skills to learn should look to the problems that you have commonly faced. Many people prefer to learn plumbing skills or basic HVAC maintenance as problems with these two systems can add up to very high fees. Knowing how to maintain these systems can save you a great deal of distress in winter and summer when these systems are needed the most.

There other areas you can focus on as well, but the most common problems that have D.I.Y solutions are usually for household and car issues.

Cordless Power Drill

Power tools make repair work so much easier. They can be mastered by any layman and as long as you observe safety protocols are convenient and easy to use. Having a cordless drill can shorten the amount of time you spend on common household repairs. This should be one of the first tools you get to begin your journey into D.I.Y repairs.

Air Conditioners Need Cleaning

Air conditioner maintenance consists of keeping it clear of dirt, dust, and debris. Cleaning and replacing air filters can help to keep the air conditioner at peak performance with very little issues. Make sure to check the coils of the air conditioner as well, dirt can accumulate here and cause restricted airflow around the condenser.

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Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are a common occurrence in bathrooms and kitchens. The repair can sometimes be as simple as tightening a slip-nut. If the leak is not from a joining, then look into good patching materials and closely follow a tutorial on how to patch a small leak. Any leaks that are within the walls or underground should be referred to a professional as this can take specialized tools and knowledge.

Clogged Plugholes and Sinks

Baking soda and vinegar are good ways to clear out small blockages in your kitchen and bathroom sink. Clogged shower drains may require some investigating as the blockage could be due to hairballs. Store sink, toilet, and shower plungers as this can clear the majority of blockages that you will experience in the kitchen and bathroom. If these methods do not work, then you know it is time to call in an expert.

Sharpen Dull Knives

Using dull knives in the kitchen can cause more trouble than it’s worth. Dull knives can easily slide off food items and into human flesh. It is much easier to learn how to sharpen a knife than to make a trip to the emergency room with a knife-related injury. Most knife sets have a sharpening took with them or you can look into getting a whetstone from a local hardware store. It is possible to find videos on how to use these items from the items brand website or on YouTube.

Replacing Faucets

This is much easier than it seems. All you have to do is find a replacement faucet that is suitable and then follow the manufacturers’ installation instructions. This works best for bathtubs and sinks with single faucets rather than the complicated multi-faucet variety. These have multiple connections and may require someone with a bit more specialized knowledge and experience.

Light Fixture Repair and Replacement

Electrical repairs and installations can be expensive but going in without the proper research and tools can be dangerous as well. With electrical repair, it is best to learn all you can from different sources and make sure you understand the requirements of the specific repair/replacement before proceeding. Going in blind or without the right tools could cause more complicated problems and can even put you in danger of bodily harm.

These are just a few of the basic home repairs that you can learn to do by yourself. There are other simpler projects such as re-grouting tile or cleaning gutters that are much more intuitive and easy to carry out. It might not seem important at first glance, lot but D.I.Y-ing home repairs is often about maintaining working systems.

Learning the proper maintenance schedules for these systems and following them can help you to get the best out of them and reduce the likelihood of problems occurring. Many of the maintenance activities do not take a great deal of time. As long as you are careful to keep everything clean, one weekend every few months is usually enough to keep your home and car in good shape.

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