Dos and Don’ts for Pressure Washing Decks and Sidings

pressure washer on deck

If you live in North Carolina, the cost of hiring a professional for pressure washing will depend on where you live in the state. Here are some things to remember when you need pressure washing for your house.

Don’t Consider DIY to Avoid Etching and Injecting

Etching refers to the unintentional removal of the existing finish to clean sidings before applying a new coat of paint. The nozzle should also have a fan-tip instead of a spray type to reduce the risk of etching the surface.

Aside from etching, DIY pressure washing can also lead to injecting the surface that happens when you spray at an upward motion on low angles below sidings. This can damage the insulation of the interior walls.

Do Your Research on the Type of Pressure Washer

Pressure washing here in Raleigh may cost less than $600, especially when you only need to clean a deck. Power washing for decks made of softwood such as cedar and pine must not exceed a pressure level of 600 pounds per square inch (psi). So you need to be careful in choosing the right pressure level to avoid damaging the surface.

You can use a higher psi for harder wood varieties, but experts advise against using equipment with more than 800 psi except if you need to clean driveways. You won’t have to worry about using the wrong equipment when you hire a contractor for cleaning the deck.

Don’t Just Inquire With One Contractor

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When choosing a contractor, compare at least three quotes from different contractors to know the best option. You should consider hiring a licensed and insured professional for your protection. Even if they are trained to perform work safely, it’s still better to know that you’ll be compensated in case of unintentional damages to your property.

You’ll find it easier to determine the competency of a company if they are a member of industry associations, such as the Pressure Washing Resource Association and the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners.

Do Know the Right Technique

The high-volume, low-pressure technique is arguably the best option for pressure or power washing deck sidings. A professional will apply cleaning agents to the surface and work through a downward motion instead of spraying from the ground. Sidings with an unusual alignment are the only exception to this technique.

Horizontal cleaning will be better for lap sidings, while vertical ones need to be cleaned by starting from the top to the bottom part. If you need to refinish the sidings, don’t sand the surface before power washing them to avoid grinding the accumulated dirt. Always ask the contractor about the abrasiveness of their materials for power washing.

Professional pressure washing should involve sustainable and environment-friendly materials that meet EPA regulations. They should also know how to handle runoff water while performing the job. Service providers must use better equipment that you can’t find at a local hardware store since you’re paying for a service that should yield better results than when you perform work by yourself.

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