6 Ways to Ensure the Security of Your Business Establishment


All business establishments have tight security to protect their assets, employees, and clients. Whatever valuable asset you have inside the establishment can quickly be stolen if you or your employees are lenient about protecting it. Equipment, inventory, and data are just some assets that can be stolen from your business. Losing profit can be one of the effects of losing your business data.

There are tons of ways to strengthen your business establishment’s security. These are guaranteed to work, assuming that you do them properly. Once these are in place, the chances of your assets being accessed or stolen will be low or zero, even. Below are some ways that you can adapt to your business’s physical security.

1. Assess Your Building’s Weak Points

Assessing your establishment’s weak points is the first thing you should do before installing protective measures around your establishment. This helps you identify the weak points or the areas that thieves can easily access. Once you’ve identified these key areas, note them and double the security in that area to discourage burglary.

2. Strengthen Your Surveillance

Installing surveillance cameras strategically inside and outside your establishment is an excellent way to prevent theft. In addition, you can also use it to monitor employees, thieves, and even business partners. If you think something happened with your establishment while you were away, you can just review the tapes. It’s even more effective if you assign an employee to monitor the surveillance rooms so that it can immediately be put to a stop when one attempts to commit a crime.

3. Access Control

Access control dictates who can access the establishment or a particular room in the establishment. It limits the entrance of the people to limit the possibility of unauthorized access. These can only be accessed with a fingerprint scanner, a swipe card, keypad, key fob, etc. If theft, robbery, or burglary occurs, you can narrow your suspects immediately.

4. Effective Communication System Among Your Employees


Despite your robust security, your employees can also harm your business, whether it’s intentional or not. You have to brief them about the security measures regarding your business. This can include instructing them what information needs to be kept (and if said information can be divulged, how much should be allowed) and where and how to access corresponding files. Demonstrate to your employees the proper procedures and the risks or repercussions if they do not properly observe the security measures.

5. Efficient Exterior Lights

Dark areas outside the establishment invite theft and burglary. Install ample lighting in dark places so that it will be easier to spot people. Moreover, your employees’ safety will be guaranteed as they leave work. This will discourage thieves because they don’t want to risk being caught.

However, it would be best to assign an employee to check which lights need replacement because burned-out lights are useless. Replace burned out lights immediately, and don’t wait until the next day to replace them. A lot can happen overnight.

6. Investing in Quality Pipes

Thieves can get really creative when they commit crimes. There have been reports of where they go underground to plant bombs to gain access to the establishment. Pipes can get damaged and can cause adverse effects to the establishment. What you can do is invest in quality industrial piping for a sturdy piping system.

Your establishment’s security matters the most because burglars, thieves, and burglars are always present. You have valuable assets that are an excellent tool for your company, and if these are accessed, it can be the cause of your business’s closure. You’re not only protecting your assets here but also your employees. Your employees’ safety is not something you should take lightly because you are liable for them. You can get sued, and it won’t be good for your image.

Imagine if you spent years establishing your business to what it is today only for it to be taken down by thieves, burglars, and robbers. It’s frustrating to think about it because it could have been prevented if you have been more serious about protecting it. You don’t have to wait for something bad to happen before you act. Anticipate all possible crimes that can occur to your business because it will happen whether you like it or not. The security in place will prevent it or at least reduce its adverse effect. Running a business is stressful enough. And it would be best if you had at least peace of mind knowing that your hard work is safe from crime.

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