Make Your Exterior More Inviting with a Limited Budget

Exterior renovation of a modern house and construction equipment

The exterior of your home will make a huge difference to not only its looks but also its value if you decide to sell it. If not, then it is still to your advantage. It can even say something to the neighborhood you’re in, giving it a good first impression.

You might think that upgrading your exterior is expensive. Well, that can be true, depending on how much you want to transform. However, boosting your curb appeal doesn’t have to burn out your bank account. At whatever time of year, there are always uncostly improvements you can make happen.

First things first

Take a look at your front yard. Is your landscape going to affect the changes you going to do? What about the sidewalk and the entryway? Tidying up in these areas is a good start before you move on to renovating anything. Rake fallen leaves, trim the grass, and if there is, clear fallen tree debris around the area.

Are your trash bins out of sight from the public? They better be, since they can ruin the look of your exterior. You can also pressure wash the sidewalks and the driveway. Doing this will definitely lighten and brighten up the entrance to your house, making a subtle but significant difference.

Painting the exterior

A smiling couple while painting home

This might be a little too much and you might want to hire a pro to help you. But you don’t have to rush it. You can definitely do this without a professional unless you’re not good or comfortable with ladders and higher parts. Then again, it doesn’t have to be the entire exterior of the house.

You can start by painting the front door. First impressions enter your visitors’ minds at the front door, so a new color will make an impact. Even painting the front door bold colors makes your entire home less boring and more charming. A new color on the front door will help enhance the exterior. Of course, you have to make the color blend with the rest of the exterior as well.

If you still have the time and the energy, you can carry on painting your fences next. Maybe you want to go ahead and modernize your exterior by investing in horizontal composite fencing. It’s a good start, especially for increasing your house’s value.

Once you’re done with all that, you can now decide whether you want to finish by painting the exterior walls.

Making changes to the garage door

Do you have a huge garage door that’s positioned at the front of your house? If you do, it’s okay to not accentuate it further since it’s placed already speaks for itself. You can just paint it with a neutral color, or something else that blends in with the other colors on your exterior. This creates architectural balance.

With this, changing the look of your garage door can also add freshness to the house. See how easy and less costly it can be?

Upgrading the lighting

Now that your house looks fresh and charming during the daytime, it’s time to think about how it looks when the sun goes down. You can add soffit lights that highlight the structure of your house. If that’s too much for you, you can just add more lights on the pathways along with the front door. Consider adding porch lights to build a welcome vibe. Maybe ground lights for the trees or bushes.

Lighting will surely lift the ambiance of your home at night. If anything else, it can add something during the day as well. This is also effective to things like the sign of your house’s number, so visitors, delivery, and mail persons can easily find your house even at night. Not only will it light up your house, but also parts of the neighborhood.

Adding flowers to your front yard

Gardening is beneficial in many ways. It helps you keep in good health and, more relevantly, it adds color and brightness to your house. Some say extending flowers in your garden makes people believe your property is bigger than it actually is. Planting flowers in your garden, any plant at that, helps get rid of pollutants in the air. Also, the soil can help reduce flooding and erosion.

Remember that almost nothing is free nowadays, from buying fresh paint or renting a pressure washer to replacing doors and windows. That’s why it’s important to have funds for these things as well. But of course, there are always expensive and inexpensive upgrades. It’s your right and strategy to choose which is best for you, finding ways to make everything worth it.

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