Four Reasons Why Custom-made Packaging Is Worth the Effort

items packaged in boxes

For many entrepreneurs starting in the world of eCommerce or retail, the packaging is rarely a priority consideration. After all, you first have to ensure that you reach the right consumer base, offer a quality product that meets their needs, and fulfill the orders to their satisfaction.

But when you consider the implications of satisfaction, product returns come to mind. Items damaged in transit are one big reason why customers aren’t satisfied. Beyond that, however, a thoughtfully designed package can also increase your shipping efficiency and help exceed customer expectations. If you consult with bespoke cardboard packaging manufacturers, for instance, they can work with you to find the right materials to achieve durability, a light weight, and deliver a strong brand impression.

Here are four reasons why you should look into custom-made packaging for your products.

Improved transport cost-efficiency

In recent years, major carriers such as FedEx and UPS have been changing their pricing systems to ensure that they maximize their profits from each load they carry. The latest formula uses dimensional weight, or DIM weight, to factor in the volume of a package to calculate how much you pay for transport.

While you may be shipping a lighter product, every cubic inch of volume counts. Packing your product into a container with excess space for paper stuffing or wrapping, for example, can lead to you paying for more than its actual weight. This means that the more dense and compact your package, the more efficient your transportation costs will be; irregularly structured packages will be more cost-ineffective.

Better protection for your products

Yet one frequent argument against compact packaging is that it doesn’t always provide the best protection for your products. You could undoubtedly use jiffy padded bags for small items, but larger, more fragile items tend to require more bulky packaging design.

This is one area where a bespoke manufacturer’s expertise can make a difference. Finding the right balance of protection and compact size can often be achieved with the use of innovative materials, such as honeycomb cardboard or paperfoam, based on the exact specifications of your product.

Design the customer experience

Brand marketing concept with paper product package

The packaging of your product is a vital point of contact between your brand and your customer. Having it custom-made allows you to go beyond merely printing a name and logo on the box. You’ll be able to design a tangible, tactile experience to stand out and improve their perception of your brand. By adding layers of functionality, inserting offers and promotions, and improving overall aesthetics, while still maintaining the practical considerations of compact shipping, you can showcase thoughtfulness and make your brand memorable – which in turn leads to more repeat purchases and a higher consumer lifetime value.

Be more environment-friendly

When you make an effort to have your packaging custom-made, you’ll have increased control over the specifications and materials used. You can go beyond the standard options and be deliberate in selecting sustainable packaging resources.

Modern consumers are not only aware of the need for sustainability; they have come to expect it and increasingly demand that brands prioritize sustainable practices throughout their operations. Choosing to use recycled – or recyclable – materials, eco-solvent inks for printing, or designing a multi-use package can strongly communicate your brand’s green values.

Though it’s not always your top priority, there are substantial benefits to improving your product packaging. Put in the effort, and custom-made packaging will set you apart.

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