Gardening: Why Plants Need Only an Adequate Amount of Sun

woman trimming her plants

Gardening is a popular activity that a lot of individuals do in their spare time. It stemmed from agriculture to keep plants for ornamentation, collection, conservation, and propagation. Two of the main reasons people grow plants is for their appearance and use, as they can liven up a barren landscape or a dark corner of a room, and for their produce, such as herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

This activity may just be a hobby for some, but others take it more seriously and even go to school or attend seminars related to it — like horticulture, a branch of agriculture.

Plant Needs

Different tools and structures are necessary to keep plants alive and thriving. Each of them is important to ensure proper growth. For instance, hand tools like trowels and pruning shears help keep plants in check. Fertilizers, which are available in two types: organic and synthetic, are for every soil and plant’s specific needs. Temperature and light are also important for growing plants.

With all the things involved in growing plants, plus the unpredictable weather conditions, some people opt for a greenhouse instead. This is to keep everything organized and to control optimum conditions for growing plants.

Shading Options

man watering his plants inside a greenhousePlants have different needs — some may need more shade, while some needs full sun. Most greenhouses are made with glass panels, and they can be treated and insulated to help with temperature control. But, having treated glass panels and greenhouse window shades are not enough for controlling the temperature and environment. Shading is also important as seasons change. The sun’s rays can become too hot at summers and may kill plants. Here are some of the shading options for greenhouses:

  • Blinds

There are two options for blinds, external or internal. External blinds can be easily automated or operated manually. It is the most effective way to bring shade to a greenhouse because it prevents the sun’s rays to pass the glass, giving a maximum cooling effect. Internal blinds are installed inside the greenhouse, but it has a less effective cooling effect.

  • Mesh or netting

Polyethylene mesh is placed inside the greenhouse and is fixed with clips or fasteners. The plastic mesh can be biodegradable and may wear out after a few years, so replacement is necessary. Make sure you get a good quality for it to last longer.

  • Paints

Shading paints are product-specific paints that are diluted in water. It’s painted on the outside of the glass usually at the start of spring. Paint can be reapplied as the season progresses if the sunlight becomes too intense. The paint can be washed and brushed off in early autumn, as darker overcast days are expected. Using paint is not suitable if greenhouses have timber framing, though, as it may stain the wood. It is also not advised for structures with acrylic or polycarbonate glazing because it may be difficult to remove.

Proper plant care includes proper equipment to ensure plants to grow perfectly. Serious gardeners, plant hobbyists, and crop producers should consider putting up a greenhouse with good shading. The plants will love it.

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