Getting Started as a Food Delivery Driver

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With the world’s current situation, everyone is after the convenience of being served everything that they need in the comfort of their home. And with the continuous spreading of COVID-19, the demand for delivery drivers with on-demand food and grocery delivery apps like Postmates, DoorDash, and UberEats is skyrocketing.

So if you’re looking for a side hustle, you’d better consider applying as a driver for these delivery companies and start earning. But if you want to know how will you start, here are some pointers:

Do your research

Understanding your market is one of the keys to becoming successful with any business venture. The same goes when you’re planning to make additional earnings by being a delivery driver. You have to know what time of day your consumers commonly place requests, where most people demand the service you’re offering, and what app they typically use. And you can do it all by reading your trusted websites or coordinating with the customer service of the delivery company you’re eyeing.

According to a study from the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MIDP), the trend for online food delivery in the U.S. is one of the highest globally, just next to current leading China. And with the pandemic still in effect, it becomes increasingly embraced and accepted and can even surpass the expected increase of 5.4% each year until 2024, in the next few years. So by knowing all these, you are guaranteed that even past this pandemic, you can still do this side job.

Create an account

After researching and finding out the most on-demand app in your target service area, you’re now ready to decide what company you are offering your service to. And when you’ve decided, it’s time to sign up.

The process of account creation varies by company, and additional requirements might be required depending on what city you are servicing. But it is mostly done online and or through their app. DoorDash, for example, is one of the easiest and fastest to approve applications. They only require you to sign up through their website, agree to their background checks, and upload your photo and other required documents.


Dealing with accident

After signing up and uploading your documents, you need to wait a few days. Then you can get started to deliver. As you start receiving delivery requests, problems might begin to arise, such as road-related accidents, and these are inevitable but are fixable with the right course of action.

For instance, Uber has their delivery partner covered with collision and liability insurance if you encounter accidents while waiting to accept an order while picking up food, and while delivering the order. However, if you want to get the compensation you need, you can hire an Uber accident lawyer to work with you.

Getting the best earnings

The most exciting part of being a delivery driver is the income. If you think that it’s just all about making deliveries and getting paid, you’re wrong. There are other things you can do to maximize your earnings as you accept requests and deliver.

The chances of earning more than what you get from your deliveries are high because you can keep your tips. Although there’s never a guarantee, providing your customers with the best service possible and leaving a positive note can increase your chances of getting something.

You can enjoy other incentives. Some food delivery companies give incentives to those who go online when the requests in a particular area increase or during busy hours (lunch and dinnertime) if they complete a certain number of deliveries. This is the best way to maximize your earnings and the most guaranteed one since most of the time, the incentive they offer is even higher than what you’re earning with deliveries alone.

Many have lost their jobs since this pandemic started. While there are a lot of other opportunities apart from being a food delivery driver, this has the highest demand at this time and is a perfect fit for most lifestyles, goals, and budgets. And what’s even better than a flexible schedule and the freedom to play your favorite songs while you drive the city? So if you’ve been looking for that perfect side job, this might be it.

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