Good Chairs, Good Employees: Sitting on Comfort and Compromise

Employees in a modern office

Office work generally involves extended periods of sitting. The position most people assume when working generally adds stress to their spinal structures. They hence develop spinal complications or worsen existing ones. This not only leads to high medical expenses trying to find a lasting solution to their unbearable pain but also affects the functioning of your other body structures. To avert or minimize the risk of back issues and promote a proper posture, it is essential to invest in ergonomic chairs.

Some business owners shopping for office furniture from Salt Lake City store will only pick ergonomic chairs for their workers. You, however, would not want your guests associating your office with uncomfortable chairs. This will only encourage them to minimize the time they spend on your premises. The following are the ergonomic chair types you can get to transform your office into a healthy and comfortable place.

Kneeling Chair

This has no back and will place its user in a revised kneeling position. This design will encourage proper posture by sliding a user’s hips forward and promoting back, neck, and shoulder alignment. The primary support in a kneeling chair lies in its seat with extra support harnessed from the shins. The chair will also distribute a user’s weight between the knees and pelvis and thus decrease his/her spinal compression while reducing tension in the leg muscles and lower back.

Saddle Chair

This can be used as a computer or desk chair. Its shape resembles a horse’s saddle and will place the user between a standing and sitting position much like that assumed when riding horses. The legs will, therefore, naturally widen and drop generating a stable and healthy position very beneficial for those with low back conditions. A saddle chair’s design will eliminate some of the problems like slouching forward and circulation system issues associated with traditional office chairs.

Exercise Ball Chair

This also works like a computer or desk chair and is ball-shaped. Its primary benefit is that it will encourage active sitting and movement. Its slight bouncing keeps a user’s legs moving, consequently keeping the muscles busy and averting cramps and reducing fatigue and stress. An exercise ball chair will also automatically improve its user’s posture since one cannot slouch on it. Some of the chairs have an attached backrest and a wheeled base frame for enhanced mobility.

Recliner Chair

Sleek office chairPeople with degenerative disc disease or lumbar spinal stenosis often feel most comfortable when in a reclined position. The recliner chair is thus their best choice when working. Recliner chairs come with a footrest to prop the feet and boost a user’s comfort. There are also small tables that can be attached to reclining chairs and swivel over them, allowing people to do paperwork or work on laptops comfortably.

Seat height, lumbar support, seat depth, and width, and the seats’ materials are some elements to evaluate when buying any of the above ergonomic chairs for your workplace. Even with the chairs, encourage your workers to take regular breaks, stretch, and hydrate to boost their well-being. Ergonomic exercise like shoulder shrugs and head circles will also relieve the muscle strain and discomfort associated with prolonged sitting.

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