Hitting the Gym: What Makes a Good Shower and Changing Room

Young people at gym dressing room

People who join a gym often tour the facilities first. They look at the machines, the weights, and the showers. When it comes to showers, they have plenty of questions.

Are there sufficient showers stalls? Is there hot and cold water? Are the shower cubicle partitions adequate?

What are the qualities of a good changing room in a gym or sports club?

Any gym or sports club worth its membership fee need to provide, among other facilities, an adequate changing room. People will pay good money if the shower facilities are good, more so if the changing room makes them feel comfortable. It is not an ‘extra’ that is provided; it is part of the overall gym experience.

So, whether you’re a gym member or gym owner (or manager), consider these things that make a good changing room:

Proper lighting. Lighting shouldn’t be too bright nor too subdued that members feel like they’re in the club already at 7 in the morning. The ideal lighting is just right that it lights up the hallways and gives adequate privacy.

It is ideal to design the lighting according to the area. Shower stalls should be a bit darker to promote privacy.

General layout. Like the gym itself, everything about the changing room must have a rational flow. Experts recommend the locker area in front, the shower stalls at the back, and the vanity area in between the two. Avoid a setup where area lighting cannot be achieved, such as a square block. This also makes it awkward when the door is open and everyone in the gym area can see everyone in the changing room.

Shower areas. Treat the gym shower rooms as you would your own shower. Everything must be clean—floor, walls, the shower faucets, and the walls. It’s important that gym members enjoy privacy and this starts with the proper partition. Is it going to be glass or concrete panels? What type of tiles will complement the entire gym design?


Consider these things before the construction phase. Make sure there are enough shower stalls, so people won’t have to spend time on a queue. Consider the small things as well. Is there a dry surface where people can put their stuff on so it doesn’t get wet? At a minimum, add hooks where a shower caddy, a towel, and dry clothes can be hung.

Lockers. Assume gym members are headed for the office after the workout, or going out on a date. They would need an adequate area to place their fresh set of clothes. Some lockers have clear compartments for shoes or bags and a place to hang their jackets, dresses, or pants. Organization is key, and a well-thought-out locker design is crucial to member satisfaction, not just the gym facilities.

With all the technological breakthroughs, new materials, and design concepts, changing rooms have changed for the better. Adequate space, proper lighting, and smart design became the standard globally. Make sure your gym meets the current requirements and demands of your customers.

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