Home Childproofing: Making Your Apartment Ready for Young Visitors

Children in preschool

Having kids over to visit in your apartment can be enjoyable, especially if you love them to bits. They can brighten up your day and bring joy and wonder to the household.

However, children can also be a handful and get themselves in trouble without meaning to. They can even get hurt in the process if they run into hazards in the home. They become your responsibility upon visiting, so you should keep them safe with childproofing measures. Here are some safety suggestions so your young visitor won’t stop having fun while they’re with you.

Guard the Windows

The apartments for rent in areas like Richmond, VA, can be found on a high spot. Children can get hurt if they manage to climb out the window. Because of this, you should ensure that you secure the windows. Also, if you use blinds, make sure that the cords are out of the way, out of the kids’ reach, or non-existent. Reports have shown that kids accidentally choke themselves with the ropes used to raise and lower blinds.

Hide or Elevate Objects

Many objects can be dangerous when they get into the hands of a child. One example is anything small enough to fit in their hand and mouth. They can choke on it or poison themselves. Another is an electrical outlet that they can poke their fingers in. Keep any of these objects out of their reach. If it’s not possible, then put those somewhere that they can’t find or cover it up.

Secure Your Furniture

One of the common accidents that children get into when at home is tipping over objects and getting hit by them. Before your visitor arrives, work on securing your furniture. If you can, screw them to the floor or put braces. Before you do anything, however, ask your landlord how far you can go with keeping your furniture stable. You can also ask them for suggestions on what you can do.

Keep Dangerous Areas Off-Limits

Keep in mind that the apartment that you’re renting is still yours. You can take charge and prevent kids from going into specific places in your unit. A good example would be the kitchen since it’s filled with hazards. You can get the food if that’s what they need. Children can’t get themselves into trouble if they can’t be near anything dangerous.

Keep Them Entertained

Small baby near safety gate of stairs

If the kids came to play, then why not keep them entertained? Set up a small base in the living room or bedroom filled with pillows, cushions, and blankets. Depending on what kind of activities they like, you can go and watch a movie, read them a story, role play, or even engage in arts and crafts. There are a lot of possibilities, but it would be best if you ask them what they’d like to do.

While you must keep your young visitor safe, you shouldn’t forget to give them a good time. After all, they’re going to your place to have fun as well. Make the necessary preparations for their safety before they arrive. Then, you can focus on entertaining them when they come.

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