How Much Should You Spend on Cabinet Refacing in Kansas City?

kitchen with hanging cabinets

Homeowners in Kansas City should expect to spend around $155 per cabinet for a standard refacing project inclusive of labor fees, materials, job supplies and equipment allowance. For instance, using laminate for cabinet refacing may cost between $1,450 and $2,270 for 10 feet by 12 cabinets.

Wooden veneer will be more expensive from $2,000 to $6,000 on average. If you need to reface kitchen cabinets, the size will also determine the actual cost. Bigger ones may cost up to $10,000, which doesn’t include finishing for knobs and hinges.

Ask around from different kitchen remodeling contractors here in Kansas City to know the prevailing rates.

Breakdown of Expenses

A typical refacing for 12 cabinets usually incurs $1,200 for 26.2 hours of professional labor. Job materials and supplies may cost almost $600, while equipment allowance costs $60 for the same standard project. Take note that finishing for cabinet parts affects the total price.

You may need to spend $2 to $4 for standard finishing while using premium supplies can cost up to $50. Don’t forget to make a contingency plan on where you plan to cook food. Your kitchen may be unavailable if you want to reface all cabinets at once.

While not hiring a contractor reduces your expenses, you must be quite familiar with woodworking and know some necessary skills.

Refacing Vs. Refinishing Vs. Replacement

Many homeowners become confused about the difference between refacing and refinishing cabinets. A simple distinction lies in your cabinets’ condition. If there are minor damages such as loose handles or knobs, then refacing is the better choice.

Refinishing only works for wooden kitchen cabinets that need some sprucing up. In other words, you don’t change anything at all except for the appearance. However, refinishing and refacing aren’t advisable for cabinets that have extensive damages from water, wear and tear, and broken frames.

You should already think about replacing them. New stock cabinets are the cheapest, with prices ranging from $3,000 to $11,000. Customized cabinets cost between $15,000 and $20,000.

Is Refinishing Cheaper Then?

modern kitchenRefinishing isn’t necessarily cheaper than refacing wooden cabinets. Most homeowners in Kansas City spend almost $2,700 on average for refinished cabinets. You could spend at least $920 or even more than $5,000 for bigger projects.

Contractors in the city may charge the same rates as those from other parts of Jackson County. You can save money if you hire a residential contractor for exterior or interior remodeling, instead of choosing a general contractor to do the work.

Otherwise, your total fees may increase from $320 $400 due to additional fees. Those who only need to reface a few cabinets can prevent a messy kitchen by allocating space in the garage or a separate work area.

You should consider hiring a contractor for cabinet refacing instead of doing it by yourself. When appropriately done by a professional, the value of your home can increase by almost $1,190 after refacing 12 cabinets. Consult at least three different kitchen remodelers in Kansas City to determine the most reasonable rate.

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