How to Be More Productive When Working from Home

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Do you find yourself struggling with being productive while working from home? It might have been convenient at first. The novelty of not needing to get up early to get dressed in office attire and commute to work might’ve also given you a shot of adrenaline, causing you to have a surge of productive days or weeks.

If you thought working from home would be a temporary solution as the world battles a global health crisis, think again. Many experts believe that this setup is going to be the future of work and is currently dubbed the “new normal.” So, if you’ve been feeling a bit unproductive lately, here are a few things you can change to get yourself back on track.

Designate a Home Office Space

Have you been working on your kitchen counter these past few months? Or from the couch in your living room? Admittedly, finding a good spot to work from might have been challenging, especially if you’ve had children and pets underfoot or you don’t have enough space. But now that you’re looking at doing this long-term, it’s time to find a designated area for yourself.

Ideally, you’d want a room where you can quickly shut the door to keep yourself from getting distracted. However, if that’s not possible, the next best thing is to designate a corner in your bedroom as a working nook.

In addition to finding the right location, you also need to find a comfortable one. If possible, invest in an ergonomic office chair and desk as this would not only help your productivity, it would also keep you from having to seek relief for back pain in the future.

Stick to a Routine

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You’re forgiven if you took the first couple of days of working from home to enjoy the freedom of being away from your managers and lounged around in bed while you worked. But to get back into the groove and be more productive, you need to start making a plan for your days and sticking to that routine as strictly as possible.

This is particularly essential if you’re parenting at the same time that you are working. If you have a partner or a spouse, ensure that both your schedules are accommodated. If you’re single and parenting a young child, you might want to create a calendar for them that emulates what a day at school will be like (especially if they’re taking virtual classes) but also keeping in mind the times you need to handle things at work.

Log Off After Every Workday

This was something you would have done at the end of your shift while working at the office, so why not do the same while you’re working remotely? Do it for your own mental well-being. It might seem challenging to find the separation between working and home life when you’re working remotely, but it’s actually one of the easiest ways to achieve work-life balance.

And logging out after a hectic day at work is the first step you can take towards achieving that goal. Think of the time you can take relaxing in your backyard instead of commuting after a day’s work. How about getting started on that passion project you’ve always wanted to do?

Working remotely can potentially give you the time you need to do more activities for yourself, and the more relaxed you are after work, the more recharged you will be to start your day anew.

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