How to Make Accident-Prone Areas in Your Home Safer

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The home should be a place of solace and comfort, but statistics show that it can also be the place where most accidents happen. That is especially true in specific locations of the home that pose a bigger risk for unprecedented circumstances if you’re not careful. The best way to prevent these from occurring is by making adjustments that can make the area safer in general, on top of practicing mindful measures. Read on for some changes you can make to some of the most accident-prone areas in the home.

Waterproofing your pool deck

Getting an excellent long-lasting pool deck coating can make this area safer for anyone in the area to prevent slip and fall incidents and to protect the surface from wear and tear that may eventually degrade it over time. With degradation, the location is more prone to getting cracks and nicks that not only pose a risk of cuts and trips for anyone walking around the deck but also make it easier for water to seep in and make the flooring looser and easier to shake. That leads to panels that aren’t stable enough to safely walk on, especially for older individuals and very young children who may not have enough balance.

This area should be a place of fun and enjoyment, and by simply adding a waterproof layer, you can prevent a lot of unwanted accidents that revolve around slipping and possibly hurting your joints and even your head. There is also the added risk of tripping and falling into the pool, which could be a drowning hazard.

Installing grab bars in your bathroom


Another area that sees a lot of slip-and-fall incidents is the bathroom, and this significantly increases when there is both a tub and a shower involved. The simplest workaround here is to install grab bars that can help traversal through the bathroom when everything is slippery. That is not restricted to older individuals, as it can help anyone to balance their weight and get their footing. Aesthetically, they still fit in well within any bathroom, and one can always customize the coloring and placement to their needs and visual preferences.

On top of this, you can also get away with putting non-slip mats in the bathroom without necessarily ruining the look you want for your bathroom.

Unplug everything in the kitchen

While there are other hazards in the bathroom like cleaning chemicals and sharp tools, these can be easily managed by having secure areas to keep each, respectively. As long as they are out of reach and well-stored, there should be no issue with that. What needs better management are the fire risks, since one of the most common causes of house fires stem from the kitchen.

Preventing this takes proper attention to anything plugged in, so it’s important to watch any dishes being cooked and to unplug everything when not in use. It’s also best to ensure that there aren’t any liquids that can come into contact with outlets.

Just by doing these, you can make your home a much safer space that can be the last thing to worry about.

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