How to Make Your Basement Not Look Like a Dungeon


Often, the basement is the least attractive part of a house. Some people even fear going down there, what with countless horror films telling us that it isn’t a safe place. But if you want every room in your home to be beautiful, there’s hope for your basement. Here’s how to spruce it up.

Use bright colors

To prevent making this part of your home look and feel like a dungeon, first get a basement sealing specialist in Massachusetts to make sure water won’t flood it. After that, start painting the walls and ceiling with bright colors.

It doesn’t have to be bright shades of yellow. Check out the color wheel and look for hues with bright tones and use those. Even if you haven’t installed enough light bulbs, your basement will start to look brighter.

Don’t forget to pick up brightly colored furniture, as well. You can go with yellow chairs and red tables to exhibit a nice contrast of hues in your basement. The gist here is that bright colors evoke joy and vitality, which will eliminate the dreariness that’s often associated with basements.

Create wide spaces

Another thing that most people think about basements is that it’s cramped. To eliminate that feeling, you should create some space in your basement. Work together with your contractor, and ask if you can get rid of some walls.

Once you’ve taken down some walls, avoid making it look cramped again by putting in large furniture in your basement. Choose medium-sized tables. If you’re going to turn your basement into a game room, for instance, make sure that there’s enough space around your billiard or ping-pong table.

Avoid storing stuff

Once you’ve decided to give your basement a makeover, you need to find another place to store all of the items that you used to put in there. You’d be surprised at how quickly your newly remodeled basement will look like a dump again if you store stuff in it again.

So, find a storage unit, perhaps the shed in your backyard. Or better yet, get rid of the things you have no longer been using in the past few years.

One great way to avoid storing stuff downstairs is to think of your basement as your bedroom. You wouldn’t want to store your golf clubs there, right? Just don’t go back to storing all of those objects in your basement.

Light it up

luxury basement

Installing many lights in your basement will definitely spruce it up. But don’t just put up light bulbs everywhere. Most basements have low ceilings, so you might hit a bulb with your head if you’re not careful.

What you should do is install recessed lights. Recessed lights won’t be in the way, and the effect is much better. Or, you can use strip lights so that you can light up the whole basement without the bulbs being visible.

Your basement doesn’t have to be a dark, dusty, or scary. With just a few touch-ups and a whole lot of imagination, you can turn your basement into the prettiest room of your home.

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