How to Prevent an Electrical Fire

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We live in an electric world. Energy is everywhere, whether you’re at home having coffee or running errands. Our society depends on the free flow of energy to build, connect, and create. Whenever you prepare food, chat with someone on the phone, or use your personal computer, you transform energy into something amazing and useful. And once our gadgets and lights go dark, it would feel like the world has stopped moving.

Few would probably stop and think about what life would be like without electricity. Electricity is vital to life today, just like water and nutrition. It allows us to power the things we use daily. Without electricity, we wouldn’t have the appliances and gadgets we use to operate our businesses.

No doubt, electricity has made our lives easier and more convenient, but it also comes with risk. Authorities have reported that electrical malfunctions account for the highest percentage of civilian deaths and direct property damage. It shows how electrical fires can have detrimental effects on everyone’s lives and way of living. It doesn’t spare anyone.

Electrical dangers can happen anywhere and at any time. It waits for the perfect opportunity. However, electrical mishaps are preventable, and with the right knowledge, you can prevent your business from going up in flames.

1. Substandard electronics

The brain is easily tricked when it comes to getting a good deal. Whether it’s for electrical parts, fixtures, or cords, we think we can save hundreds of dollars if we buy these products at a low price. However, as a smart consumer, one must know the difference between a good deal and an outright scam.

Cases of fires caused by fake, substandard, or uncertified electrical products are common. One tip to avoid this is to check the packaging for certification seals and documentation that show the product has been evaluated for electrical safety. Make sure to only buy from a reputable physical or online store. As a general rule, if the deal sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam.

2. Sparks or buzzing sounds

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An electrical buzzing sound is also known as a mains hum. It’s normal for electricity to make noises, and the human ear can’t hear most of them, but if it’s louder than normal, it could be a sign of a more serious problem.

If there’s a hissing, buzzing, or humming sound coming from an outlet, it means there’s an electrical malfunction. This usually happens with worn or corroded wiring. If the problem is not fixed right away, it can lead to more problems and cause the current to move to another metallic object, creating a dangerous connection. This problem should be addressed right away as it is one of the most common causes of electrical fires.

To prevent this kind of electrical issue, ask a professional electrician for safety upgrades and fail-safes. Although the upgrades may set you back a few hundred dollars, this investment can save you from a sticky situation down the line.

3. Wavering lights

Wavering lights signify a dangerous electrical issue. It’s usually a result of a loose circuit connection, overheated wiring, power surges, or an overloaded circuit.

If this has become a common occurrence, your store’s electrical system cannot handle the number of appliances and devices connected to your main system. Switch some appliances off, or upgrade your store’s circuit connection.

4. Unusual odors

It’s not uncommon for new construction to have a lingering smell, especially during the first few days. It might be odors from the newly unwrapped equipment or a wall paint or finish that hasn’t completely dried out. In most cases, the odor is completely harmless and will go away after airing out the area.

But if you smell a strange, unusual odor coming from an electrical outlet, unplug all your devices and contact an expert in commercial electrical services immediately. This also applies to old devices that are malfunctioning. Wait for a qualified expert to diagnose the problem and have it fixed right away.

A final word

A malfunctioning electrical system isn’t an inconvenience you can ignore. It can also put money, property, and lives at risk. But with these tips and some common-sense measures, an electrical fire disaster can be prevented. When in doubt, always contact a certified electrician as soon as you can.

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