How to Properly Store Medications in the Fridge

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Most people, not even pharmacists and doctors put too much thought into storing medications inside the fridge. They think that as long as the ones that should be stored in a freezer are stored in one, then everything’s good. However, there is just so much more that you should know when it comes to this topic.

Below, we will discuss how you should be storing the medications that you sell to your customers in a pharmaceutical freezer. Proper storage of medicines is important, as this can affect the effectiveness of the medicines.

Put it in the Center

The doors of the refrigerator, the top shelf, and the vegetable drawers are usually the least cold places inside the refrigerator, while the back wall, the side walls, and the lowest shelf are usually the coldest. The medicines can easily expire and lose their effectiveness if you store them on the doors, and they can get freezing cold if you put them at the back of the fridge.

To keep them properly stored, make sure to place the medicines at the center of the fridge. This way, the medicines will get just the right amount of cold — not too warm and not freezing.

Keep Them in an Airtight Container

If you want to keep the medicines fresh, then make sure to keep them in an airtight container. Medicines that should be refrigerated are quite sensitive and a lot more fragile compared to regular medicines, so you should take your time to keep them properly stored, as these medicines are usually the most expensive ones usually.

Also, the fridge can sometimes fluctuate, so you’d want to make sure that you are keeping the medicines safe by keeping them in airtight containers. You might also want to avoid opening and closing the door at all times, as this can make the temperature fluctuate.

Pay Attention to the Seasonal Changes

The seasonal changes can affect your fridge and everything that’s inside it. Take note of these changes and make sure that you will adjust your fridge’s temperature according to the seasonal changes. If it’s too hot and humid outside, make sure to decrease the temperature. You should also avoid opening and closing the fridge’s doors too much, as this can have an effect of the cooling cycle and thus, it can affect the medicines, too.

Consider Getting Another Fridge or Freezer

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Using a pharmaceutical freezer would be best when storing medications, as they are made to withstand seasonal changes and other factors. The temperature on these is also usually designed to properly store the medicines so you would not have to worry about their effectiveness. If you have enough funds to buy a new pharmaceutical freezer, then go for it. You should also make sure to keep the meds in the fridge that is less frequently opened so you can avoid temperature fluctuations.

Always ask the provider and producer of the medicines as to how you should be storing these medicines. You’d never want to give your customers a bad batch of medicines, so make sure to store them right.

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