Improvements That Will Make Your Home Accessible to Everyone

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woIf a friend or a loved one suffers from a disability, you want them to be welcome in your home. But for that to happen, you need to make some changes to your house. There are accessibility issues that make living in a house difficult for the disabled. Here are some potential changes that you need to make to your house to provide maximum comfort for those who have handicaps.

Welcome Them With a Better Entrance

You should start your changes with the entrance of your home. If there are steps, then you should modify them or remove them completely. A nice flat slope can work for everyone but you can also decide to add a simple ramp. If you can’t modify your front door then you should create an alternate opening, either in your garage or a side door. This gives your loved one a chance to enter the house freely.

You should also try to accommodate the larger space that many disabled people occupy. This is thanks to the wheelchairs and other equipment they have. Ensure that the doors of your home are 36 inches wide. This is a bit above the standard size of a wheelchair and should allow for comfortable movement for anyone who has additional equipment like crutches and walkers.

Put Important Rooms On The First Floor

If you have multiple floors to your house, then you should be willing to change a few things in it. There are two important things that you need to have on the first floor. One is a bathroom and the other is a bedroom. The bathroom is important since it gives the disabled person a place to bathe and clean themselves. A first-floor bedroom means that they would be able to sleep without needing to go up the stairs. While you can get a wheelchair lift for them, it can be difficult to install unless you have a professional do it.

While you are relocating these rooms on the first floor, you need to make some changes to them. For one, bedrooms need to have beds that are the appropriate height. Too high a bed makes it a struggle to move from the wheelchair to a resting position. The room should also have all the necessary conveniences for a disabled individual. The bathroom also needs some changes.

Placing some bars and additional supports will make it easier for people with disabilities to clean and bathe themselves. This will give them a sense of independence and make them feel better about themselves. A roll-in shower would be the biggest convenience since it allows people to just enter the shower area in their wheelchair. You should also consider adding a lowered sink so that wheelchair-bound people can wash their hands properly.

Make Navigating The House Easier

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Your house also needs some changes. Disabled people often find it difficult to move from room to room if there are no specific changes made in the house. The first change you might want to make is the lighting. It is difficult to move around with a handicap and bad lighting can make it even worse. It might even cause an accident if they don’t see things. Upgrade the lighting with brighter lights so that this won’t happen.

Another upgrade that you should do is to change the floors. For those with a handicap, you want a floor that will not buckle or bunch. Handicapped people exert a heavier pressure because of the equipment that they use. Flooring that can handle that is the best choice as well as being porous. Porous surfaces absorb water better, which can prevent spills and falls. Two favorite choices for this type of flooring are vinyl and cork. Wood is the best choice since it is durable and provides good traction in a variety of situations.

Rearrange Floor Plans

When you want to accommodate the handicapped, you need to provide them with wide spaces. This will affect your living room and dining room. Don’t group your furniture. The important thing is to have enough space in some areas so that people can move around. If you are not sure about the space, 32 inches between each piece of furniture is a good idea. You should also consider changing the height of chairs so that some people would be able to sit comfortably.

Making your home more accessible to the disabled is a great sign of affection for your disabled loved one. They will appreciate the effort that you put in and will be very happy with the changes that you will make.

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