Improving Home Security in Uncertain Times

electric door knob for security

There’s no doubt about it: These are uncertain times. With a virus spreading across the world, economies failing left and right, and wide lockdowns in place, there is confusion all around. During this time, the first and most important thing to do is to keep your home and your family secure.

There are a lot of ways to improve your home security. Theft and intrusion have come a long way from picking locks, so security had to adapt. To help you protect those dearest to you, here is a list of security improvements that you can make:

Secure Your Doors

The first points of entry to your home have to be the most secure ones. According to a home security expert interviewed on the Reader’s Digest, around 34 percent of burglars use the front door for breaking in. However, it might not even be considered as ‘breaking in’ since these burglars often encounter unlocked doors.

Firstly, you should always lock your doors. Then, you can focus on the structural integrity of its materials. Check whether the hinges can be tampered with, too. Possible entry points like mail slots or glass panels need to be reinforced.

And if you’re moving to a new home, make sure you change the locks. Special ones like Euro cylinder locks can give your doors an extra layer of protection.

Secure Your Windows

windows with blinds

According to the same Reader’s Digest article, 23 percent of burglars enter through unlocked windows. Take similar measures as with the doors. Windows usually have glass panels, so make sure that they’re reinforced. There are a few options in the market, like this thin film that keeps glass from shattering.

Secure Your Landscape

Most burglars and home intrusions happen when no one is in the house or everyone is asleep. Security cameras are highly effective as deterrents. The mere idea of having their crime recorded will surely keep them away. If you do install cameras, make sure that they cannot be easily tampered with.

Barking dogs were found to deter criminals as well. Anything that will call attention to their activities is a threat. This also applies to loud alarms.

At night, you can install terrace lights to illuminate your home’s surroundings. Knowing that they have to risk exposure when they try to break in will also deter the act.

Secure Your Internet

Those with elaborate security systems in their homes can also be susceptible to intrusion through the Internet if their Wi-Fi is accessible. Through the Internet, criminals can hack or override your system and enter your home without much fuss. They can also access your security footage database and delete the evidence.

In some cases, criminals might even have access to your personal information like bank accounts and credit card numbers. Don’t risk it. Lock your Wi-Fi.

With all that said, the uncertainties surrounding today’s situation are inevitable. What can be avoided, though, are break-ins and intrusions. You should make the necessary changes and keep your home and those closest to you safe.

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