Is Your Air Conditioner Installed Properly?


During the long uncomfortable summer, the people of Draper, Utah look towards their home air conditioners for some comfort. The technology is now central in every building. If you end up with the wrong equipment or the unit is installed incorrectly, it can affect your health, increase costs and even impact the environment negatively. Finding the right unit for your home and hiring professional technicians for repairing your air conditioner will make your unit durable and make it run smoothly for longer. You may never have to worry about some of the following problems.

Damaged Electrical System

The unit comes with several components that could malfunction if mishandled. Some of the failures only hamper operation partially, but others could bring it to a complete standstill. An electrician can fix issues such as rusted connectors, shorted power cables, faulty thermostat and damaged breakers. 

But even problems like these are highly undesirable because they could wear out fan controls and the compressor. Such is the case of complex air conditioning systems, which are often caused by improper installation and irregular maintenance.

Refrigerant Leak

HVAC repair

A refrigerant leak is an equally serious AC anomaly. Two reasons make leaks serious: the components of the product and the way it works in the AC system. Freon or any other refrigerant in your system is central to the refrigeration cycle that produces the cool air. 

The fluid undergoes a series of processes that start with the absorption of heat from air and disposal of the same via the coils. When the refrigerant charge lowers, one thing happens: the cooling capacity of the equipment reduces. Since the air conditioner never consumes the refrigerant, a low level is always signal of a leak. A technician should fix this problem, making sure that the manufacturer recommendation and the refrigerant charge match.

Poor Maintenance

Monitoring the refrigerant is part of maintenance; you need to take care of the coils and filters. The system may only perform well if it receives regular maintenance and servicing. A certified technician better handles most of the checks and tune-ups, but some fall under the do-it-yourself category. Some tasks you can do include cleaning the air filter, cleaning the coils (evaporator and condenser) and clearing debris from the outdoor unit.

Failing to Hire a Licensed Technician

A professional performs the job in such a way that the refrigerant will not escape under normal circumstances. You can also hire a licensed technician, make sure they have the proper certification.  Air conditioning repair projects are guided by Section 608 Technician Certification, which is provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Proper installation is your best bet against refrigerant leak and other issues that may hamper system performance. It helps protect your hard-earned investment and reduces your carbon footprint.

Continuing to use a system that was not installed properly could cause premature failure. Choosing the right HVAC technician is as important as buying the best unit. If you are planning to replace your AC or have reasons to believe it is not performing optimally, call a certified technician for assistance.

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