Is Your Bathroom Safe Enough for Your Toddler?

baby taking a bubble bath

Having kids at home, especially toddler-aged ones means using plenty of child-proofing equipment at home, especially in the bathroom. Here are the top three safety improvements that parents with toddlers have done with their bathrooms.

Safer Tubs

Not all homes were built with a tub in the bath. To remedy the situation, many parents opt to use a portable bathtub which they, too, can use. These tubs are designed in a way that kids can walk into them before it fills with water and stay in them until the water has fully drained after a bath.

It’s safer that way as it reduces the chances of slipping or falling while in or getting out of the tub. These tubs are portable, which means they can easily be moved anywhere or relocated to another bathroom in case of a move or a home renovation.

These tubs can also be used outdoors, making them an excellent investment for their safety and portability.

Non-Slip Tiles

One of the common causes of slips is the type of flooring that is used in the bathroom. Switching to non-slip tiles ensures a safer flooring design for bathrooms. Mosaic tiles are a popular choice when it comes to aesthetics and slip resistance.

The gaps in between the small tiles are filled with grout, which is a non-slip material. The grout between the tile gaps gives the surface of the floor more traction, which significantly increases safety and reduces slips and falls. These tiles are ideal in the shower area, as well as in the tub area.

For tiles that aren’t non-slip, a special kind of coating can be applied to the surface, to give it a slip-resistant finish.

Anti-Slip Mats

AAnti-Slip Mats

Aside from non-slip or slip-resistant flooring, anti-slip mats are used as an added layer of protection. These mats are made with rubber material and have suction cups at the bottom that keep the entire mat in place. The material is easy to clean and easy to dry, too.

To dry it, simply roll it and stand it up in a corner of the bath or sun it out once after giving it a good scrub, for some natural, under-the-sun germ-busting cleaning. Putting these in the tub or in the bath area, as well as at the foot of the toilet and in the sink area, is the best way to ensure those tiny little feet don’t slip on a wet floor.

Doors Closed All the Time

Last but not least, keeping toddlers from wandering alone inside the bath. Many parents say that keeping the bathroom door closed is a good habit. This is because this prevents kids from accidentally falling into the toilet, opening the tap or climbing on the toilet seat, or even up the sink unsupervised.

Toddlers are quite the explorers and will enter rooms and grab anything within their reach. This is the case anywhere around your home. And the bathroom is no different from the rest of the areas in your abode.

So if you’re looking for ways to make your bathroom more kid-friendly, the safety measures given above can surely help you achieve this.

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