Keep Your Cryogenic Storage Tank Maintained in 4 Ways

Small Cryogenic Storage Tank

Cryogenic tanks or cryotanks are meant to store extremely cold fuels, such as liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. It is usually used by factories that manufacture super cold liquids, as well as businesses that have to deal with liquid hydrogen and oxygen.

Cryogenic tanks should be well-maintained for them to work properly. This includes proper cryogenic tank coating, proper storage, and more. Here, we will discuss how you can keep your cryogenic tank well-maintained so you can use it for a long time:

Pre-Cool Your Cryogenic Storage Tank

You should always remember to pre-cool your cryogenic storage tank with a small amount of liquid nitrogen before using it. The temperature inside the tank shall reach the liquid nitrogen temperature needed eventually, which is necessary to prevent the tank from colliding and squeezing.

If you ever need to move or drag your tank around, then make sure to lift it to keep it from damage. Once you are done using it, make sure to store it in a dry and well-ventilated room to keep it safe from moisture.

Check the Neck Plug and its Small Groove

regular maintenance of storage tank by hecking tank pressure

Keep an eye on your cryogenic tank’s neck plug, as well as its small groove. There are a few things you should remember when checking it: remove the ice once it forms, remove any plastic cloth or any other substance that might block the neck plug, and ensure that the storage tanks are using a low temperature.

Check if the liquid nitrogen consumption is fast, as this might mean that the insulation function of your tank is way out of balance. This means that liquid nitrogen cannot be retained, which can be a huge problem in the future. You should also watch out for water droplets and hoarfrost in or around the neck plug.

Get it Cleaned Regularly

You should get your tanks cleaned at least once a year to prevent the wall from eroding. These tanks should not be transported often, too, as doing so might lead to open low-temperature storage tanks. If it needs to be transported, then make sure to keep it properly fastened with a strong rope. You should also remember to store it upright to prevent it from overturning or falling. Avoid severe vibration when transporting the tanks so the liquid inside it won’t get disrupted.

Have it Painted

Having your tanks painted is more than just having it look good on the outside. This will also make your tanks withstand extreme temperature, as well as keeping it safe from wear and tear. You should also keep it safe from rust, as this can dramatically affect its performance. Even the smallest chip can be detrimental to the whole structure, which is why you should get a professional to paint or repaint your cryogenic tanks on a regular basis.

Maintaining your cryogenic tanks is important to keep them working properly. This will also lessen the pollution that the tanks produce, helping Mother Nature recover from all pollution. Follow these tips and be on your way to proper cryogenic tank maintenance.


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