Timely Investments You Can Make for Your Landscaping Business During COVID-19

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Business owners face numerous challenges that test their brand’s resilience. But what no one anticipated is how much havoc a health crisis can bring worldwide. With consumers sheltering in place and distancing themselves from the public, many businesses found it hard to stay afloat. Some business brands managed to stay open. But they now face numerous challenges that stop them from maximizing their conversions.

For landscaping businesses, it can be difficult to get more appointments when even their clients are facing financial stress. Some clients are taking extra precautions by opting to stop hiring regular maintenance. They fear about their family’s safety and would rather skip landscaping and lawn care maintenance altogether.

Some have employees who got sick from the virus. Others have staff who chose not to report due to their fear of getting infected. There are also those who are having a hard time obtaining supplies from their suppliers because of lockdowns.

Different things could be making it hard for your landscaping business to thrive during COVID-19. But there are things you can do that can help your brand get through the crisis. The right investments can help your brand navigate through the pandemic and stand up stronger than ever.

Health and Safety Protocols

The first priority is to ensure everyone’s health and safety. You need to invest in employee and safety protocols to give everyone peace of mind. You can also use this strategy to gain more clients who in dire need of responsible landscaping companies during these trying times.

Impose the general health and safety practices recommended by health experts. Make sure your employees are aware of the things they need to do and avoid. Provide the right personal protective equipment and ensure proper disposal/disinfection for everyone’s safety.

As for your clients, let them know of your Covid-19 protocols. Limit contact through contactless communication, payments, and contract signing. Practice social distancing and keep them updated with any operational changes.

Supplier/Vendor Relationships

Are your suppliers unable to fulfill your needs due to the crisis? You may need to find another reliable vendor. You want someone who can deliver your required garden tools and products on time.

Landscaping businesses can’t go without their gardening tools, pesticides, fertilizers, and other supplies. You want to make sure you find suppliers you can rely on especially if your usual vendors have their hands tied. Shop for suppliers and establish a great relationship with them.

Treat your suppliers as you would want to be treated. Pay your invoices on time and be professional when transacting. This will make it easier for you to gain their trust and enjoy their generosity in the coming days.

Informational Marketing

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Invest in the kind of marketing that can help you widen our online reach. You need to inform your target audiences why they need your services, especially during a crisis. Here are some things you can do.

  • Tell clients to upgrade outdoor living space for their family to use while quarantining
  • Explain how embracing and enjoying a
  • well-maintained landscape can reduce stress. Provide how-to videos to entice more people to embrace landscaping and gardening
  • Offer virtual consultations and estimates
  • Educate them how to avail your services through online appointments

Use different marketing styles to boost your online presence. Revamp your website, boost your reach, optimize your business website for mobile, search engine optimization, and voice search. Embrace email marketing, start a blog, print mail, door hangers, or brochures, update your online business listings.

Maintain open communication while limiting the need for in-person meetings. Use customer portals to keep employees and clients safe. Keep lines of communication open and answer their questions on time.


Many of your clients could be facing financial issues. No matter how much they want to continue working with you, they may lack the resources to do so. What you can do is invest time in offering discounts to your loyal customers to show them that you care.

You can also offer discounts to existing customers and potential clients who are frontline workers during the pandemic. This could be healthcare workers, EMTs, firefighters, etc. who are risking their lives to keep communities safe. Also, consider charities and nonprofits that could use your services.

These will help boost business awareness and position yourself as a brand with a purpose. You are not simply pro-environment because of the nature of your business. You are also helping fulfill your corporate social responsibility in your own way.

Sailing through the pandemic is not easy. There are lots of issues you will face, including scared staff, unavailable suppliers, and adamant customers. Know what your clients want and what your employees need. Find other suppliers if needed and educate clients when marketing your brand. You can use this list as your guide so you can better manage during the crisis.

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